Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Advantages of Using Free Photo Hosting Service

Do you know that Graphic Identity blog is actually using free Photobucket service to host all images and photos??? Today, I'm going to show you why I choose to use Photobucket instead of Blogger's default image hosting. What do you get and what you can do after you upload your image and photo to a Free Photo Hosting Service.

1. Hosting Your
Favicon for Free
What is Favicon? Favicon is Favorite Icon displayed on your browser tabs and at the left hand corner of the URL address bar.

In my previous post, I have shown you a step by step tutorial of how to use Favatar to have your own favicon hosted. As an alternative, you can also use free photo hosting service. The image for website Favicon can be made in any size, but for better result, I suggest you to create square cut.
Simply put this code below < head > tag, and change the url with the one you get after you upload your own image!
< href ="" rel="shortcut" type="image/x-icon/" >

2. Rich Online Editing Features

This kind of feature is a standard for most free photo hosting service. Now on Photobucket, you can edit any photo or images easily, such as cropping, rotating and even flipping. And if you don’t like how you looked that day, just try the beauty portion where you can remove blemishes and even smooth out wrinkles. Don’t worry about adding too much to your photos, your original will be safe. You can choose to save a new copy or overwrite your original.

3. Easy Tagging

Why tagging your image or photo is important? It is a must do if you have a photoblog and you want your post to be fast indexed in most search engines. Image and photo can only be recognized with search engine system if you put "alt" code tags as a label. Free photo hosting service usually provide this feature automatically after you finish the upload by asking you to fill the right tags. So you won't need any coding customization for your photo and image anymore.
The html code is usually will look like this:
< href="" target="_blank">< src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket">< /a >

4. Various Sharing Options
Free photo hosting services always have sharing urls and "mail to friends" option.
But Photobucket service give you various options in sharing your images. You can share them in a slideshow! Its fun and easy with our new slideshow tool. Display up to 50 photos to any slideshow, add a frame, and share. You can email your slideshow or add it to your blog or profile page. And if you want to email photos from your phone into your album? Click on "account options" in your album to get the unique email address for you album. and emailing photos from your phone just as easy as 1-2-3!

What kind of free photo hosting service that you use for your blog? Share with us why you like to use that service!


  1. The biggest advantage of hosting images at free hosts is that they save you valuable bandwidth.

    Well, you are at Blogger, GI. So its not your own bandwidth that will be consumed. But you know what? Images you host at Blogger are hosted on a limited 100 MB space. Thats enough for a pretty good number of pictures but is taxing anyway!

    Nice post...

  2. be careful when using photobucket, they let anyone print out and use your images without your permission. there was a petition going around about this a while ago.

  3. Abhi,
    Saving valuable bandwidth is another good reason of free image or photo hosting. I could just use Blogger easily, but that could also become time consuming if I need to use my pictures for another purpose..since you won't see nice organizing pictures folder for better search and I still wonder if I could use the same image html from Blogger for another post. :D
    Thank you for the comment..yes, the pictures might be unexpectedly missused or lead to copyright violation. But in my opinion, it is important to determine what kind of visual graphics that you want to publish for the post. If you think it needs certain attribution and not intended to be shared for free, in that case, free image hosting is not such a good idea. ;) we always have options to host the pics..

  4. You can print more photos for photos or free online from


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