Monday, March 17, 2008

Blog Catalog Graphic Design Group Widget

I'm always be the proud member of Blog and when they first launch the Group feature, I did my best to create the first “Graphic Design” group in Blog Catalog. I personally send a grateful thanks and salutation to the Blog Catalog admins who has done such a brilliant job to bring this community stands out!!!

At the footer section of my blog, you can find Blog Catalog Graphic Design Group widget installed and it was founded in October 2007, now we have 145 members and growing. This is something that I really wish to have from long time ago. I think it will be fun to read new discussion post every time I’m online, directly from my blog. Another slightly way to call this widget as a mini forum is what I’m intend to do for Graphic Identity blog. All of my blog readers can also join the Blog Catalog Graphic Design group just by jumping from this cool widget since the membership is open for everyone.

There are various discussion topics related to Graphic Design that you can start with. You can have your latest blog article promoted, post questions, freebies, design contest announcements, sharing useful links resources and all the like. I’ve curently set up two sticky group discussions, which are:

  • Freelance Graphic Designers Listing
  • I’m not a full time freelance graphic designer yet, but by putting this up I hope it would help other graphic designers to show their talent in portfolio links in the forum. Well if you need a graphic designer, you know where to find the person.
  • Graphic Design Feed Submission
  • Feel free Submit your feed url in the discussion. You can also do the exchange if you think you can find some mutual information from other group member’s blog article, therefore it would be useful enough for you to subscribe back.

    The first time it is launched, the membership to the group was needed an approval. But as Moonshadow (one of the group admins) suggested me that it will be much more inviting to let people join the group if the Graphic Design group membership is open for everyone. But by doing so, there are consequences to watch over the group more intensively. We had a spam (well not much :p) in the discussion post before, so I need help from other group members to keep the group clean. Please do report things that you think is not appropriate to show in the group by sending me or one of the group admins a shout box message :D

    I would also want to let you know that starting in April, I will select the top five active users in the group to be featured in my blog on biweekly round up of links love. All you have to do is just comment to the discussion thread, or post new discussion. Each of the top five active users will get their latest post reviewed and linked to my blog. Another thing that I will do is to have each of them submitted to and to help sending more traffics to the featured blogs :D. If you don't have a blog about graphic design, I will still do the promotion for the featured blogs to and
    So what are you waiting for friends! Join Blog Catalog Graphic Design group and get the dynamic vibes by installing the widget to your own blog now!

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