Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Toksta: Web Based Instant Messenger

There are a lot of Instant Messenger on the Internet. Most of them are desktop based, which you need to install on your system. Not to mention that your chat buddy must have the same IM application installed on their system. If you need more practical chat messenger, there's a cool stuff for you. It's toksta.



Toksta is web based instant messenger. You don't have to install any desktop application. Just put the code on your website. For wordpress user, there are also ready made plugins available for Wordpress. And if you familiar with PHP, Ruby, or JSP. You can embed it using those programming scripts.
Should be great for a blog, forum, or social network website ;).


  1. whoa that seems cool. just might make an account and tell my friends about it. i hate using aim and msn because it bothers me that it starts when my computer does and sometimes i do not like to be online =]

  2. COPETE,
    Yes it is cool! It would be interesting if you embedd it to your blog somehow ;)

  3. Just want to download it but the application has too many question ..

    too bad

  4. Perhaps it is because this web app. is quite new! well... common thing for a Beta version.

  5. Hey, thanks for covering us!

    You can check out our toksta video instant messenger live at www.myHappyPlanet.com.

    Stay tuned for our upcoming multi-user chat room application (featuring text, audio/video).

    toksta will be available in 25 languages soon: blog.toksta.com


    P.S. If you have any questions, please don’t reply to this comment but send an E-Mail to support [a t] toksta [ d o t ] info


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