Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mark Your Blog Content with Headup Widget

It was minutes of relax-reading for me as I read my good friend's interview post by the Headup team: Ruhani Rabin, Malaysia's man-to-know online. It's a great interview and also interesting because from that point I've came to know about a new widget developed by Headup.


Headup is a blog widget that will automatically marks the topics you mention in your blog content with dotted underlined (which the color can be customized easily), and enriches them with dynamic content from popular sites like Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, etc. The complementary content from Headup overlay widget is displayed within tabs when your mouse over the underlined marks.

Headup Widget gives your audience immediate access to dynamic, contextual and social content complementing your own. It supports various CMS (Wordpress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal and Typepad) and just quick embed Headup in your site's HTML.

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In order to understand more about this widget, I registered to Headup for full settings configuration trough out a simple dashboard. For your information, this registration is optional . Here are few screenshots of my Headup dashboard settings:


In General Settings section, I set 5 maximum annotations per page and 0 maximum duplicate annotations. Those are just my preferences to avoid cluttered of annotation overlay in window widgets every time my readers hover their mouse on the blog post content.

You can add more than one Related Articles source URLs in this widget dashboard panel.

In most cases, the info Headup tab works alright. Click the image below to see it live:
It defines the relevant information from Wikipedia

But even you have set minimum numbers of annotations per page in your blog post, as this Headup marking runs automatically, you may have some irrelevant annotations or unnecessary marks over it.
Click the image below to see it live:
The word: 'Launch' in this post has been mismatched as LAUNCHcast definition.

Inaccuracy highlight are often happening in news Headup tabs content:
Click the image above to live check this.

In my opinion it will be great if we can select certain Headup tabs in overlay widget and also have control to the displayed info, news or other Headup tabs functionality either let it runs automatically.
You may want to see your own related blog post included in news tab beside having other general news resources. See this in live version by clicking the image below:

It is stated in Headup publisher guidelines, that this widget tends to perform best when implemented on sites focused on: Celebrities and Gossip, Family and Parenting, Films, Gaming, Sports, Music, News, Technology and Travel. I'm hoping to see more related Headup news in design topics actually. So what do you think about Headup widget? Let me know your experience with this semantic technology via comments :). I wonder if different CMS will gave significant impacts either in settings or content retrieval.

I was interviewed by Mike Darnell on Headup Blog. Get to know more about me ;)

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  1. Hi Audee,

    Thank you so much for bothering to review us.
    Your feedback is much appreciated as well.

    Please note that you have can "blacklist" any terms we mark wrongly or would rather not have annotated on your blog via the dashboard.

    All the best,
    Mike Darnell

  2. This sounds like it would be a great addition to my blog. You explained things really well. It will be interesting to check out.

  3. Hello Mike,
    It's been a pleasure, I like the social news-sharing concept of Headup widget and I hope constructive feedbacks could be useful for the future development of Headup :)
    I'll try to blacklist some terms in my dashboard to make sure that my post is marked correctly soon.
    I'm looking forward to see the next enhancements of Headup widget in the near future!

    It's a valuable addition for your blog. I like the dynamic content of twitter tab in this widget. Also how the Headup news tab displays your related blog posts. It reduces bounce rates since your visitors won't have to leave your blog to find more information on certain terms.

  4. Hi Elena,

    I saw you're running on the Blogger platform. You're welcome to try our custom gadget:


  5. Thank you for the information. It is good to know about products like this that are out there. Now I just have to decide if it's right for me.

  6. Very informative article about the headup widget. You clearly expalined the matter. Thank you for the hard work. Keep blogging and thanks for sharing....


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