Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sawoong Creative

I attended a small discussion event that brought topic about Exploring Creativity in Surabaya last week. Surabaya is the city where I live right now and it was such a great event as in the end of the session, Kuncarsono Prasetyo who is the owner of Sawoong Creative merchandise shop has made excellent presentation of how he begun his business with creative positioning brand strategy.

Kuncar was interviewed by Wufi, he said:
"The noble goal indeed is to participate in the movement named Save the National Heritages".

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You can read the rest of the interview here: Appreciate Heritages in Everyday Goods with Sawoong.

Exclusively designed, Sawoong products are mostly T-shirts. They are easily recognized, especially with the dominant use of Art Nouveau or sometimes Art Deco design style side by side with old iconic Surabaya building pictures or heritage themed graphics. Other than T-shirts, there are also merchandise such as mugs, postcards, bags, key rings, pins, etc.

Find out more by visiting Sawoong Creative online catalog, or if you get a chance visiting Surabaya city, you can drop by Sawoong Outlet Stores to look for your favorite Sawoong T-shirts or other interesting merchandise.

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