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The Right Team to Build Your Brand Identity Concept Idea

The same question always there when building your Brand Identity. Why Brand Identity is so important for your company or business?
A good brand is the most valuable assets a company owns, to get public recognition of a product or service. Devoted costumers or prospect costumers would prefer to buy products or services from a familiar brand.
The next question will be: How to compete with big brands that are already there for long time with their devoted costumers?
You need to find ways to differentiate–with a solid brand building process of your own. This good article by FreshSparks. will give you some tips of how to get a successful brand building process and you can also download step-by-step PDF workbook with tips, templates and guidance to start building a brand for your business from their page.

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Another following question will be: Who is the right person or team to develop or build your brand identity idea or concept?
This question will be related with the level of your business. When you start a new small business, with limited budget you have to be creative to compete with larger company. MarketingDonut published great article tips to build a brand for your small business that you can check.

So basically there are options for you to decide of who would design your Brand Identity.

Design your Brand Identity by yourself
This option is worth to consider if you just start a small business with limited budget for marketing and advertising. No need to worry even you're not an expert because you can learn how to design a logo that fits your product or service from online resources such as CreativeMarket Blog tutorial to design a logo or to study to understand the aspects needed to create brand identity from Format magazine.

Hire a logo or Brand Identity designer
Hiring an expert can be a better solution if you want a more profesional look for your logo design.
But if yo have no experience to work with a logo designer, you can read this interesting article from Penji that shares tips of hiring a profesional to get your logo perfectly done for your business, hence you would have more idea about it and what to consider before you hire someone.

Getting your instant logo from Brand Marketplace
This option could be effective if you want many alternative of logos and business name for your company. So Branding actually has several components and a few of them are the logo design plus the unique and memorable company name. Brand Marketplace will provide you many alternatives of brand stocks to choose with. But first you'd probably need to understand how to pick a great brand name that will stick to your customers mind and this article from Rebrandly will help you to name your Brand.
You can also check some of Brand Marketplaces such as: BrandCrowd, BrandBucket and Namerific to get instant logo and domain name designed by business type categorizes.

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