Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photoshop Pen Tool Resources

Pen Tool is a powerful tool in Photoshop that every designer should master. It is not difficult to understand how this tool work, but it would challenge most of us in its practical uses. Here are some resources links that may help you to figure out some Pen Tool tricks and its best practices for your creative design.
Feel free to drop another links in my comment box if you have another favorite Pen Tool resources to share. Thank you ;)

Pen Tool graphic is designed by Markus Nielsen

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Creative Tip: Adobe Pen Tool Cheatsheet by
A simple PDF file cheatsheet that shows how easy Adobe’s Pen Tool to be used across Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (CS2/CS3) .

Photoshop Pathing: How To Use Photoshop Pen Tool by
A very quick tutorial for pathing out a simple object from its background.

Making Selections With The Pen Tool by
It is a very good tutorial especially if you are a Photoshop beginners. Because it has lots of informative visual & textual explanations to create selection and therefore very easy to follow. The points of explanations covered:
  • Pen Tool & Path introduction
  • Turning A Path Into A Selection
  • Handle Directions Control
  • Drawing A Curve
  • Moving An Anchor Point
  • Combining Straight Paths With Curves
  • Practical example of how to select an object with curves

Photoshop’s Pen Tool: The Comprehensive Guide
A very comprehensive tutorial that has many visual examples, tips, best practices and instructions about Pen Tool. You'll find explanations of functions, keyboard shortcuts, cursors, mouse & keyboard controls and option to use Pen Tool. The tutorial also provides you the downloadable Pen Tool Exercise file so you can follow the guides to create precise paths, using the hints and shortcuts covered in this article.

Photoshop Pen Tool Guide by
It is a well explained basic Peen Tool tutorial. The tutorial shows you how to create simple shapes with the help of Grid and snapping in your work canvas.

How to use Photoshop's Pen Tool by
In the end you'll learn how to cut out an image with the pen tool and then creating custom shapes from the work path.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Create your own Gmail theme

I've been using "Shiny" theme for months. It is a theme provided in Gmail theme settings, which has glossy Web 2.0 style design in every corner of it. But then I want to see something different, because I always checking my Gmail everytime I'm online, I thought it would be a great idea to create my own Gmail theme in simplified look. I wanted to have custom Gmail theme that has similar color schemes as my Twitter background. A Dark grey-scale theme with soft green color in some parts.

theme design

Wanna try to create something like mine? I'm using the web-safe default color schemes, so all you need is do the same thing as I did on your Gmail theme setting dashboard and save it. If you don't know how to create your own Gmail theme, just read this Gmail Help answer page for a start ;)

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Custom Gmail theme dashboard settings
When you hover on some parts of Gmail section boxes with your mouse, you'll see a tiny button in every corner of each box. Click the tiny arrow so you can see the Color pickers in a drop-down tray.
theme design

Main background
theme design

theme design

Sidebar frame
theme design

Button bar

theme design

theme design

Box content
theme design

Selected message
theme design

If you follow this correctly, you'll have a custom Gmail theme like this:
theme design
Click on the image to make it larger!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)

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