Thursday, July 26, 2018

Create Dust Gold Effect in Illustrator

Do you know that you can add dust texture for a shape that has gold gradient? 
Our client requested to add this dusty gold effect in a set of decorative element. So here’s how we do it:

Prepare the shape

Add any shape that you have. We quick draw a line and several dots using Paintbrush tool then Expand Appearance it to convert the line to shape.

Draw a shape

Add gold gradient

Open your swatch library: Open Swatch Library > Gradients > Metals.
Here we use the minimal gold linear type gradient, after we altered a bit the default radial gold gradient effect in Adobe Illustrator.

Apply gold gradient to the shape

Apply texture effect

Go to Effect > Texture > Grain and then experiment with the settings

Dusty texture gold effect from ‘Grain’ texture

Then you will have ‘Grain’ texture applied on your gold shape. It’s fairly easy!
You can add this effect to the Graphic Style and save it in Graphic Style Library for future usage.
This dusty texture gold effect can also directly be applied to a line using Paintbrush or Pencil tool.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Monster Illustration Vectors that Work

Not all monsters are scary and we can apply them in a design composition or illustration. You may want to search bunch of new created monster illustrations in Creative Market, but let us help you with monsters that what we think would work great for your next design project.
These monster illustration can work in children book illustration, card, kids accessories and many more:

Monsters Alphabet — Vector Clipart

Powered by Creative Market

Funny Monsters Illustration Set

Powered by Creative Market

Viruses vector cartoon bacteria

Powered by Creative Market

Red Devil Cartoon Emoji Collection

Powered by Creative Market

Spase and monsters clipart

Powered by Creative Market

Dinosaurs Types Collection Vector

Powered by Creative Market

Watercolor Monsters Clip Art

Powered by Creative Market
Check all of our Creative Market collection to see more vector illustration designed by our team. If you have any questions related to my design items, or further customization with additonal fee after purchase just leave comment below or contact me by email: audeemirza[@] :) 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How to Partially Color a Photo in Photoshop

Hello all!

If you want to know of how to partially color a photo, you can check this Photoshop tutorial, from Envira Gallery Blog.

You just need to duplicate layers, adjust the saturation and color range on one of the layers where you want the object to be colored aside of the black and white color for the rest of the area in the photo.
Select-inverse the colored object and delete, so you will see the background layer in black and white (greyscale) mode.

The result of this effect can be playful and dramatic for the main colored object in a photo.

Read Tutorial 

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