Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Dino Illustration Sets

Hello again guys ðŸ¤— In the beginning of this year I want to update you with a short list of hand picked character illustration and this time is all about some CUTE DINOs!!!

Check each of the set which is done by amazing vector illustration artists on Creative Market. You'll find various file format in different sets, such as vector files (SVG, AI, EPS), cliparts (PNG) as well as some elements and patterns. 

Hope the list will help to save your time when you want to need dino character illustration for your project. Please subscribe to my blog or stay tune with my social media life-streams as I would update this round up post anytime soon! 😉

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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Retro Design vs Futuristic Design

Last weekend I tweeted a poll for fun.
Feel free to vote or leave comment to express your thought ðŸ˜‰.

I would probably will post some more design inspiration under this tweet updates related to Retro Design vs Futuristic Design later on ðŸ˜Š



Car factory by Ann-Sophie De Steur

Car Factory by Ann-Sophie De Steur

KITTY, NO! by Ann-Sophie De Steur

KITTY, NO! by Ann-Sophie De Steur

Mystical Land by NienowBrand

Mystical Land by NienowBrand

Mystical Land by NienowBrand

Rockets are fun! by Ann-Sophie De Steur

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Color Inspiration by Description

So for once in a while I'll share some random design inspiration from Twitter, Facebook or from somewhere else. It's more like microblogging yet I hope you'll get something useful from it 😊 and oh you can also join the conversation like always 😉

tweeted responses:

Quick Update

I found that my old posts related to color topic were no longer display the correct embedded resources from Colourlovers website. That site either down for maintenance or just stop working anymore. I still have them published here in this blog, and see if the problem may still be there later.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How to Maintain Illustrator Vector Artwork In Photoshop Editing Process

As a logo designer I often use Adobe Illustrator instead of Adobe Photoshop to work on my logo projects. But sometimes I need to add graphic effect on Photoshop, for instance if I need to put perfect realistic gold effect on the text part of a logo, yet I also need to make the shapes resizable. I don't say that Adobe Illustrator won't allow me to add gold effect, but Photoshop has more enhanced tools to make realistic gold effect. Then in this case, to continue the editing process, to use Photoshop is the best option. 

But how you would be sure if you'll get your Illustrator vector shapes back after the Photoshop editing stage?

Here's the tutorial steps of how to maintain the Illustrator vector shapes: 

  1. Create the vector shapes on Illustrator.
  2. Copy the Illustrator vector shape and paste each vector shape as Photoshop shape layer on Photoshop then add some graphic effect.
  3. Save as EPS file on Photoshop and tick the include vector format option.
  4. Open the EPS file on Illustrator then save as AI file.
  5. Check if you get vector layers in the EPS file.


Remember to select Paste as Shape Layer not as Smart Object, Pixels or Path when you paste Illustrator vector shape to Photoshop. This technique will maintain the shapes as vector if you plan to use the graphic in bigger size.  
As the additional information that I'd like to put weight is that Photoshop gives you four options to copy a vector shape from Illustrator to Photoshop. Here's a brief explanation of each option:

Paste Artwork Options in Photoshop 

  1. Paste as Smart Objects 
    This is a good choice when you need to copy an entire design, and it’s your best option if you might need to modify the source artwork later in Illustrator. 
  2. Paste as Pixels 
    Pasting in the layer as Pixels will allow Photoshop to treat it just like the artwork was created inside of Photoshop. The downside is that Warps and Transforms will not preserve the quality of the original artwork. They work just like they would a standard art layer in Photoshop. 
  3. Paste as Path
    This option will paste only the vector path for the shape copied. The artwork can then be edited using the Path tools in Photoshop. 
  4. Paste as Shape Layer 
    As with Paste as Path, this option also works best for individual shapes. A Shape Layer is essentially an editable Vector Mask over a field of a specified color. 


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