Saturday, November 27, 2010

Swype - A Modernized Stencil Typography Logo Design

This logo design is a big surprise for me to see. Daniel Keller (@danielku) made it with smart concept.
When I first saw the Swype logo, the fonts remind me to stencil fonts yet modern in a way with its roundy corner shape. It's a modernized stencil typography logo design.

Swype logo can be used to a mobile gadget brand, smart phone, website that reviews mobile devices, games or anything related to electronic media.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

4 Fanciful Sans Serif Fonts Created by Nymphont

I've been a fan of Nymphont's works and previously I used one of them for a business card template: Coffee Latte Card. Glad that I have time to publish a new post today. I put more attention to series of Lauren's experiments in sans-serif. Classic and fancy but they are still looking modern with clean geometric line. Here are just few of reasons why I love Nymphont's fonts and I hope you would enjoy our post featuring The 4 Fanciful Sans Serif Fonts created by Lauren Thompson of Nymphont.

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Jolly Font Family
Free for personal use

Joly looks lovely with some amount of height. I think the perfect kerning, made it appears like this set of font is slightly condensed (to note that particular height). Another uniqueness is probably the bowl you see in small caps, like: 'a, b, and d' which have different roundy curve in the upper and bottom part for each font. I personally love the beauty of the 'J' caps, and all characters type of 'S,V, and W'.
I think it has the potential to use in paragraph text. It has uniform stroke which gives cleaner feel. It looks simple, friendly and feminine at the same time. I'm not sure if you are agree with me on this :)

LT Oksana
Free for personal use

Lauren has been very proud of this LT Oksana, and I couldn't agree with her more! It's one of her best work :) Since its first debut in 2008, it is now updated with kerning revisions and improvements as LT Oksana Version 4.0. Lauren described it as a 'retro' geometric-sans. I would also say that it has Art Deco look. Geometric aspect is what Lauren has explored for this set of font. 'K, Q, and W' uppercases just to name a few. The 'g' two stories lowercase is super smart with an opening at the left side of the loop ;) The low placement of crossbar for 'f and t' smallcaps are just making them more fancy. I also love the look of LT Oksana's ampersand. Lauren has made excellent demo by using this font for the headings element at Nymphont blog.

Champagne & Limousines
Free for personal use

Classic, clean and elegant is the first impression to say. Champagne & Limousines is my favorite Nymphont's sans-serif font. The letters appear once again with geometric shape, and roundy feel. Probably as a result of minimum height of descender or ascender on some fonts but without over-doing it. Champagne & Limousines Bold with sharp edges on 'A, M, N, V and W' caps (as well as the lowercase), is another beauty of this font which make it more legible for display text purpose.

Caviar Dreams
Free for personal and commercial use

Caviar Dreams was actually designed before Champagne & Limousines. But officially published after the first release of Champagne & Limousines. Yes, they are slightly looking similar. But what has differentiated them is their letter-spacing. Caviar Dreams has more pleasant letter-spacing in order to give different looks in various use. Several letter shapes are unconventionally designed. You can start to check the lowercase angled 'e' and also figure the neat curves in letter 'w' lowercase as well as the uppercase. In my personal opinion, Caviar Dreams is the casual version of Champagne & Limousines ;)

Getting ready for your commercial design project? I highly recommend Nymphont fonts featured here. It is also important for you to appreciate Lauren's talent and hardwork by sending donation when you decide to use it for commercial project.
Give a time to check other fonts created by Nymphont

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sawoong Creative

I attended a small discussion event that brought topic about Exploring Creativity in Surabaya last week. Surabaya is the city where I live right now and it was such a great event as in the end of the session, Kuncarsono Prasetyo who is the owner of Sawoong Creative merchandise shop has made excellent presentation of how he begun his business with creative positioning brand strategy.

Kuncar was interviewed by Wufi, he said:
"The noble goal indeed is to participate in the movement named Save the National Heritages".

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You can read the rest of the interview here: Appreciate Heritages in Everyday Goods with Sawoong.

Exclusively designed, Sawoong products are mostly T-shirts. They are easily recognized, especially with the dominant use of Art Nouveau or sometimes Art Deco design style side by side with old iconic Surabaya building pictures or heritage themed graphics. Other than T-shirts, there are also merchandise such as mugs, postcards, bags, key rings, pins, etc.

Find out more by visiting Sawoong Creative online catalog, or if you get a chance visiting Surabaya city, you can drop by Sawoong Outlet Stores to look for your favorite Sawoong T-shirts or other interesting merchandise.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Neon Font Effect Photoshop Actions

Recently I followed a cool screencast tutorial on : Super Easy Neon Style in Photoshop and gave a quick try.

The final result is beautiful and I like the possibility in adjusting colors before and after you hit the play button on Photoshop Actions panel. Actually it was a very easy tutorial, which I am sure everyone can easily follow just like I did. But with the series of settings on the tutorial, which you may miss them in some points to produce the neon font effect make me think to create a set of Photoshop Actions. I made 3 variants after I played a bit with the settings from that tutorial and now you can download it for free.

See the demo-screencast below to use the photoshop action. Feel free to ask me questions or send feedbacks via our comment form.

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You can read our previous tutorial if you don't know what photoshop action is and how to install it: Graphic Identity Photoshop Action.

All of Graphic Identity's 'Free Design Box' files are FREE (for personal or commercial use). But please read: Legal Usage to employ Graphic Identity's 'Free Design Box' files before you decide to download the files.

Graphic Identity - Neon Font (169.54 KB)
Neon Font Effect Photoshop Actions Download

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Urban Sketchers AUGUST Faves

Here are 18 more sketches to see in August 2010 from Urban Sketchers Flickr Pool. It is not easy to select the best from hundreds of entries each month. Because many of them are fairly great and artistic. If you want to know more about Urban Sketchers community or want to be part of them, you can visit their official site: Urban

There are many more to fav, but the Flickr gallery can only shows 18 pictures. For that, I shared some other featured sketches on my personal Tumblr blog: AudeeMirza's Playground under sketch tag.

Enjoy, favorite or comment the Urban Sketchers AUGUST Faves and see you next month ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photo to Painting Photoshop Action

Hello everyone!
Recently I read a quick and clever tutorial, which is: How To Turn Any Photo Into a Realistic Painting Using Standard Photoshop Filters (written by Mickel of Pixel Tango).

I really like the result and I tried to create a Photoshop Action based on that tutorial. In a few minutes later, I got lots of photos with this amazing effect and I think it would be great idea to share it with you. Note that perhaps you may not always like the effect. For that, I suggest you to duplicate your photo layer for back up and make adjustment to its brightness or contrast before you hit the action button.

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If you don't know what photoshop action is and how to install it, you can read the details at: Graphic Identity Photoshop Action tutorial before you start.

All of Graphic Identity's 'Free Design Box' files are FREE (for personal or commercial use). But please read: Legal Usage to employ Graphic Identity's 'Free Design Box' files before you decide to download the files.

Graphic Identity - Photo to Painting.atn (511 B)
Photo to Painting Photoshop Action

Photo Stock by I love Stock Photography

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Friday, August 27, 2010

One Day Press Ready Files at Next Day Flyers

Every kind of business will always need promotional signs to increase sales or to win positioning awareness of the targeted market. Today we feature Next Day Flyers, an online printing company that delivers great quality printed marketing materials with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

50 Shield Logo Designs Inspiration

Logos that feature shield element or shape may not be one of 2010 logo trends. Despite of so many ideas that can be developed for this kind of logo, we often see shield shape logos from time to time as they are able to adjust to represent different messages. It is known that in the ancient history, classic shield conveys or represents the symbol of protection. Other hidden meanings for shield logo could be related to security, power or control, strength, protection. safety, and defense.

Some organizations, religious communities, scholars or academy institutions often use this branding concept to represent strength, well controlled society, as well as protection & safety within a group of people. While in sport and automotive, shield logos are commonly used to represent power of durability and defense. Shield pictorial mark also applicable to any kind of business that offers guarantee of security or safety.

We bring you 50 Shield Logo Designs Inspiration from various logo galleries and see how the creative designers have explored the shield shape into wonderful logo design. The techniques that you may see are playful typography, inter-locking & combination of geometric shapes or pictures, grunge finishing, negative space, and accentuation of colors. They appear in many different design styles. Grunge or classic style frequently use pair of "wings", while modern and clean designs will sometimes include glossy effect to the surface of the shield, or apply decorative element as minimum as possible.

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