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ICON GALORE - Professional Quality at Highly Affordable Rates

Icons could be one of graphic design element that every professional software developer or a website developer needs to accomplish their work into an excellent quality level. Websites that offering icons (free and commercial) emerge almost every day, but not all of them provide both quality and quantity; in fact, usually, quality is far more important for presentation. Supposed that Icon Galore fairly new for you, today I want to introduce this website and their most striking features of their service
in a review. So I will show you why professional quality comes into our attention.

header icon galore

Icon Galore presents professional Xp and Vista icons at lowest cost in the internet. They offer icons in three different formats, which are:
  • .gif format
  • .ico format
  • .png format

You get a package of icon set formats on every purchase.
Also, if you need vector formats in your design, this format pack need to be ordered separately.
Find out about the difference between these formats and what purpose do they serve that more at Icon Galore website.

Icon Galore has the largest collection of icons 5000 unique icons and 900000 files for download. If you visit the website, you will find

Featured Icon Sets come into 8 categories, they are:
1. Network and Database Icons
Network Database Icons
2. Accounting Software Icons
Accounting Icons
3. Email Application Icons
Email Application Icons
4. Application Navigation Icons
Application Navigation Icons
5. Web Icons
Web Icons
6. E-commerce Icons
E-commerce Icons
7. Conceptual Icons
Conceptual Icons
8. Entire Icon Collection
Entire Icon Collection

There are also Budget Icon Sets which are divided into 12 categories, such as: Hotel and Travel Icons, Telecom Icons, Entertainment Icons, Medical Icons and many others.

A nifty icon set available in different packages:
  • For each icon six formats, active, inactive, over states, five different sizes and 150 files included.
    icon types

  • Icon Galore offers seven different icon sizes with every purchase as follows:
    16 x 16 pixels
    24 x 24 pixels
    32 x 32 pixels
    48 x 48 pixels
    64 x 64 pixels
    128 x 128 pixels
    256 x 256 pixels
  • Icons come in true color as well as 256 colors.

Not able to find the icons that you need? custom icons design service will be available at affordable rates. Make use of Icon Galore icon customization services and get the icons of your choice delivered at your doorsteps. All you have to do to get started is fill up online customization form and you are ready to go!
And if a form is not enough for your urgent need, Icon Galore provide you live chat support available in 24/7 customer support service.


  1. I really like these Icons. Very clean. While I normally don't pay for icons (there are many free resources out there, or you can always create them) I really do like these.

  2. I agree with you...most of the icons are done nicely and looks very profesional!


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