Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is Graphic Design Poster Competition on Veerle's Blog

I could have posted this design competition announcement earlier, too bad I found about it late after digging links to some design forums when the submission deadline was only two days left to go. Veerle never provides email subscription to her blog, I got a little upset to my self, why I didn't subscribe to any feed reader before.

The basic concept of this contest is to come up with something creative or witty that visualises the question 'What is Graphic Design?'. Veerle is the only judge and jury for the contest and she gathered attractive prizes to win from sponsors like Adobe Creative Suite CS3, Expression Engine CMS and much more.

Veerle put forward her own poster design, and got interesting comments by other Flickr users. :D She used the same color scheme as shown on her blog, but the design visualized what Graphic Design is in different typos.

Veerle on "What is Graphic Design"

The closing date was 15 February 2008, and the contest got the mass attention nearly up to 600 design submissions. As some of you probably know that Veerle's Blog gets PR 8, so this should not be a surprising thing if you find enormous numbers of great poster design entries. You can surf down to enjoy each entries in a Flickr pool group called: What is Graphic Design Poster Competition.

This was my final shot only in 24 hours before the deadline ;p "Feeling Red" LOL it could have been more worst than this one. Check out and please comment and give your critique if you wish.

What is Graphic Design Poster Competition on Veerle's Blog

You can also put your comment to the group pool by login to Flickr or register first if you still don't have Flickr account.

I will add the updates for the winner announcement as soon as Veerle gets the judge result! Stay tune guys :D


  • Veerle has featured some of the contestant entries for What is Graphic Design poster competition and they really are outstanding in every aspect of design. She said that her readers are creative bees!
    Here is my favorite one, designed by gravitymachine, this poster just captured my eyes right away.

    What is Graphic Design Poster Competition on Veerle's Blog

    Take a look of these bees now :D

  • The 1st winner of "What is Graphic Design Poster Competition" on Veerle's Blog is:

    Juanma & Gabriele

    What is Graphic Design Poster Competition on Veerle's Blog

    See the other winners and please give their wonderful designs a comment!

  • Th 10th Prize winner looks like adopting traditional Balinese mask, I love the cultural touch in it. Designed by Gage Batubara who said
    Graphic Design is MASKING your ideas

    What is Graphic Design Poster Competition on Veerle's Blog

  • Gravitymachine gets the runner up prize, as I have previously shared you their design entry and I'm so happy that my favourite choice turned out to be one of the winner. Not bad at all guys :D, congratulation to all the winners!

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    1. that's a very nice design, Audee and it doesn't look like a clutter at all ;-)

    2. haha, cool blog, ok....always stay cool

    3. Vivien, :D thank you... the clutter only happened on my head LOL.

    4. Wow, I should of been a graphic designer, looks like a great community.

    5. Collin, be part of it! you are always welcome ;)

    6. how can you make designs like those on your computer? Is some sort of special program needed?


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