Thursday, July 3, 2008

Grunge RSS Banners

:-B It's been more than a month since the last Free Design Box post category. Now I want to give you something different.

Today's post is about Grunge RSS Banners. I have 6 different colors of RSS Banners. But the interesting part is, I designed them based on three resources of super famous freebies.

Grunge RSS Banner

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I googled down on Grunge Graphic Design keyword and just so happy that I found them! I love these three grunge design style freebies that I use for today's design. They are:

I am really thankful to Franka, Sarah and Bittbox for such wonderful freebies ever. I was just doing a retouch to create grungy water color look for each banner. Sarah's grunge textures works beautifully on water color brush background by Bittbox. It was fun composing them together in a blend of layers. I was just replacing color for some banners in photoshop, so they result in 6 different colors.

These banners are in .PNG format, just extract the .ZIP file and they are set. I let each of them in 600x135 pixel blank banner template, to make easier for you to customize it with your own typeface choice. Just resize it to fit on your blog layout!

I will appreciate credits whenever you use this banner. Please comment and spread out this post if you like! :cool:

<a href="" target="_blank">Grunge RSS Banners</a>

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Grunge RSS Banner

Graphic Identity - Grunge RSS (1.11 MB)
Grunge RSS Banners

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<a href="" target="_blank">Grunge RSS Banners</a>


  1. Lovely article, Audee.

  2. Toon,
    Thank you, I got your email and will try out Disqus commenting system whenever I have a chance ;)

    Thanks for dropped by :)

  3. Wicked looking grunge effects, Audee. Not my cup of tea, but cool nonetheless.

  4. Nice banners aud... I hope that you will design one banner for my future company.. Can you?

  5. Hello Doug,
    Well...almost ran out of ideas for the next freebies LOL! thanks for the comment.

    Thank you... well absolutely I would love to design a banner for your company someday! ^_^ All the best for you!

  6. can full banners of width about 1024 pixel can be made ??

  7. I think I will create 1024 pixel banner. But a bit later :D.
    If you want, you can create it on your own with Photoshop. Create a blank canvas in your desired size. Download the three freebies from those resources links above, and start to create them from scratch. I suggest you to have multiple layers in photoshop for specific colors of textures or brushes and the RSS Icon.

  8. Amazing banners, Audee. I really like the first and the last one in the preview here.. Downloading now, maybe I can use it on my blog some time..

    Abhinav Sood
    Inspirit Blog

  9. Hello Abhi,
    You are welcome...thanks for stopping by... I hope you are well :)
    Will visit your blog if I have more chance.
    Take care!

  10. Love the rss banners lot. I will try to use one of them for my blog.


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