Sunday, September 7, 2008

Graphic Identity Blog Updates (Round 2)

We are so thankful with the fact that you have followed Graphic Identity Blog so far... and this blog is getting more subscribers and new visitors everyday. Meaning that Graphic Identity's team need to work harder to bring you fresh content and articles. For that, we decided to invite another contributor so, you'll see Graphic Identity blog updates are written by new admin. Any wonder of who will it be? :)

Introducing Selerines Groups, they are a group of creative people behind the Selerines World blog. They wrote wonderful articles about international - national issues, love & personal discussion topics, computers and some entertaining news from across the world. We have invited them to be one of our blog author several days ago. Selerines will publish sponsored posts and regular posts too. Sounds cool isn't it?

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We will always here to keep this blog going bigger with quality content, but we also need few bucks to make it happen. Here after this blog will contain some sponsored posts in between regular posts. The regular posts will be marked by "»»" in the title and sponsored posts will contain just the title. Hence, we hope you can configure those two types of post better while you receiving updates by email feed, feed reader or make a regular visit to our blog. Simply giving you clue of option to read your desired topic of posts ;)

Just in case you missed this, we also want to inform you that we have launched our first premium design: 16 Fantasy Floral Vectors. Get the premium vectors samples in Photoshop brush set (.ABR ) format by visiting this featured post:
  • 5 Fantasy Floral Photoshop Brushes

    Brainstormed with new ideas and topics to blog about can be fun too.... we still need to have more blog contributors in advance. Right now we think of any possibilities to grant guest post author with more descent reward beside traffics from backlinks or receive an appreciate recognition from Graphic Identity Blog's readers.
    If you like to write a guest post or tutorial, We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email to

    Have a nice weekend to you all!
    Cheers :D

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