Sunday, August 31, 2008 Free Photoshop Brushes with Quality

Have you wonder of how much time you've been taking to look for a high quality photoshop brush on the internet? The search engine might display lots of resources, but only few that included high quality of brushes inside the recommended website. I think this is the time for you to visit ;).

Read More is a new website that collects great numbers of free Photoshop Brushes with quality. No need to be hassled to find what you're looking for when you visit the Brushes Gallery, because at the very right sidebar you will see how those brushes are nicely ordered into categories. You can navigate better by browsing the whole brushes that have been tagged using a search form.

Featured Photoshop brushes by specific categories that get lots of attention are: Splatters, Swirls and Vectors. The collections of those three brush set categories are the most wanted stylish trends over the professional designers and blogers. While the community news section, allows you to submit one of your own articles or something that you appreciate from another blog (all related articles about brushes). Yet, has became more dynamic as a resourceful Photoshop brush set collections website, ever!

Another amazing thing about is how easy you will get direct access information from an animated sliding tool tip when image thumbnail box of each brush set is hovered. You will see common infos about the brush's author, download link, brush set license, number of brushes in a set, download popularity counter and detail link, simply by going through pages of brushes gallery.

WHY BRUSHKING.EU? has currently listed over 2000 brushes from great designers, so make sure that you won't miss the updates by subscribing to RSS Feed. Please tell us what you think about this website after your first visit or drop a testimonial comment of how collections have become such a helpful resource to your design project!

Friday, August 22, 2008

ICONS LAND - Get your icons from Icons Land

First impression is everything, and if it gets to do with the look, icons design should have been presented with style! Icons are the important key of every design element. Why you need to present a design with style? This is simply because the brain perception will represents of what is perceived visually. Unmistakably graphical user interface will sustained with the right choice of icons. When you need some icons to dazzle your design, Icons-Land offers you highest quality of vista style royalty-free stock icons and custom icon design service.

Icons Land

The creative team at Icons-Land have designed hundreds collection of wonderful stock icons in Windows Vista style. This modern and glassy style icons will surely increase your product professional look in overall. Icons-Land will enhance your software presentation and maximize its usability to meet customer expectations.

Icons-Land grouped two kinds collection of stock icon series. The first group is Software and Web stock vista icons that include: Vista Transport, Play/Stop/Pause, Vista Elements, Vista Hardware and Vista Multimedia icon set themes. Whilst Emoticons & Avatars collection series are: Chess Emoticons, Vista Emoticons and Halloween Emoticons.

What if you only need one or few icons instead of one package of icon set? Not to worry, you still can buy individual icons at the best price at $5. Just specify list of icons that you need before contacting the folks at Icons-Land.

Why Icons-Land? simply benefits you with stunning features and more! They are:
  • Large numbers of icon variations inside each set
  • Custom icons in .ICO by request
  • Detailed graphic illustration
  • Remarkable Vista style effects (drop shadow, 3D FX, gradient, glassy lighting design)
  • Hi – res icons at 256×256px max size and mini icons at 16x16px.
  • Demo downloads are available
  • Professional quality designs
  • Easy design installment, because every icon is in .PNG format.

  • Sounds cool! :D Whenever best quality become the main approach of your design work, just consider to bookmark for future reference.

    Sunday, August 17, 2008

    Biweekly Blogroll Links - August 17th 2008

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    Irresistible Websites: Part One by Tracey Grady
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    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    10 Flickr Groups for Designers


    Sharebrain Flickr Group
    If you are a designer, web-worker or just a creative person feel free to share your work with the community. Designs, Layouts, Photographs, or Logos are welcome. This group is quite new, but you may have the opportunity to be featured on web resource community.

    Web Design and Graphic Design Group
    Web Design and Graphic Design group is created by Alex of CrazyLeaf Design blog providing news and resources for both beginners and advanced designers, coders, photographers and graphic artists.

    Graphic Identity Design Showcase
    A place to share many things about graphic design resources and share your graphic design to receive comments and constructive criticism from other member's community. If you were using Graphic Identity's free designs box to your design, just don't hesitate to submit your work by joining this group :) We have published the first Graphic Identity User Showcase and get ready for the second roundup guys!

    This group is for readers of PSDTUTS photoshop tutorial website, to post up their creations using or inspired by the tutorials and you can chat with each other and generally show off the design work!

    BittBox User Showcase
    A Flickr group for anyone and everyone who would like to share their designs and what they have learned or used from BittBox Freebies/Tutorials.

    Go Media User Showcase
    Post your art or designs created using stuff from Go Media's Arsenal. If you get lucky as they like your design, it will be highlighted on their blog at

    My Ink Blog
    This group was created for the readers of My Ink Blog. So they can show off their work, or the results of stepping through one of the tutorials.

    A group made for Abduzeedos blog readers. Stunning graphic designs are posted here.

    What is Graphic Design Poster Competition
    The pool was created for Graphic Design Poster Competition contest held by Veerle's Blog in the early of July 2008. 623 posters were submitted and you can also check out some of the incredibly awesome winner's posters on Veerle's Blog

    The Business Card
    This group is all about business cards. Design, application, and distribution. A great spot to discuss good quality of card designs and aesthetics. Compare and contrast styles, composition, and technique.If you're proud of your business card, just join to start posting your creative biz card!

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    Monday, August 11, 2008

    CSSnewbie Contest

    CSSnewbie celebrates the August with the first-ever CSSnewbie Contest! CSSnewbie is one of our favorite CSS resources website. We have joined with over 1400 happy readers by subscribing to CSSnewbie email feed about a month now and absolutely happy reading the wonderful updates so far.

    How to enter?

    Read More

    You just need to subscribe to the CSSnewbie RSS feed and if you’re already a subscriber, you don’t have to do anything else except remain the subscriber you are.

    Watch for a pass-phrase to appear at the bottom of an article in CSSnewbie RSS feed. The pass-phrase won’t be present in every article, but it’ll be there often enough that you’ll be able to find it if you’re looking for it.

    Once you’ve found the pass-phrase, shoot an email to The subject line should be the pass-phrase and nothing else. The body of the message should contain a link to the website you’d like to have reviewed/promoted, and can also contain any other comments you’d like to include. Email them before the contest ends at the end of the day (11:59PM Central Time) on August 31, 2008.

    CSSnewbie Subscriber Contest

    The winner will receive:

    1. A review of your website on CSSnewbie.
    2. Eric Meyer’s book, CSS Pocket Reference: Visual Presentation for the Web.

    Sounds great isn't it? Start your entry by visiting this cool CSSnewbie blog and subscribe now before you are running out of time ;)

    Sunday, August 3, 2008

    Biweekly Blogroll Links - August 3rd 2008

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    WaterColor .1. Brushes Pack by env1ro

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