Thursday, April 2, 2009

40 Unique Designs with Photoshop Action Scripts

How many of you have learned hard from tons of Photoshop tutorial resources just to know the trick to create an awesome graphic effect? If you are a newbie to Photoshop, sometimes it will take time to understand the whole tutorials. But do you know that Photoshop Actions can do the trick for you? or even the magic :)For you who don't know about Photoshop Action, it is actually a series of commands that you play back on a single .ATN file, and it works on menu commands, palette options, tool actions, and so on that is automatically done in few clicks.

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We introduce you a time saver but also a very powerful Photoshop Action pack from It is an easy software that allows you create amazing realistic 3 Dimensional cover graphics in minutes, such as E-Covers, Book Covers, Music Box, MP3 Player, Gift Bag or CD Covers, and much more.

There are 40 different professional designs that should be very useful for you.
All you have to do is to transform your 2D graphic into HIGH resolution 3D graphic (300 DPI) in just few clicks.

The result of each executed action is incredibly brought to you in high detailed graphic. Have a closer look to this CD-Cover design. Precision matters to your design and you're definitely won't miss a chance to give a try!

What makes this PhotoshopActionScripts different than any other products are:
  • the compatibility with Photoshop® 7.0 all the way to Photoshop® CS4®
  • works beautifully in Windows and Mac


You can just visit to watch the demo video and find out how easy it is! Simply the best deal for every professional who puts weight on exclusive design output.

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