Wednesday, August 13, 2008

10 Flickr Groups for Designers


Sharebrain Flickr Group
If you are a designer, web-worker or just a creative person feel free to share your work with the community. Designs, Layouts, Photographs, or Logos are welcome. This group is quite new, but you may have the opportunity to be featured on web resource community.

Web Design and Graphic Design Group
Web Design and Graphic Design group is created by Alex of CrazyLeaf Design blog providing news and resources for both beginners and advanced designers, coders, photographers and graphic artists.

Graphic Identity Design Showcase
A place to share many things about graphic design resources and share your graphic design to receive comments and constructive criticism from other member's community. If you were using Graphic Identity's free designs box to your design, just don't hesitate to submit your work by joining this group :) We have published the first Graphic Identity User Showcase and get ready for the second roundup guys!

This group is for readers of PSDTUTS photoshop tutorial website, to post up their creations using or inspired by the tutorials and you can chat with each other and generally show off the design work!

BittBox User Showcase
A Flickr group for anyone and everyone who would like to share their designs and what they have learned or used from BittBox Freebies/Tutorials.

Go Media User Showcase
Post your art or designs created using stuff from Go Media's Arsenal. If you get lucky as they like your design, it will be highlighted on their blog at

My Ink Blog
This group was created for the readers of My Ink Blog. So they can show off their work, or the results of stepping through one of the tutorials.

A group made for Abduzeedos blog readers. Stunning graphic designs are posted here.

What is Graphic Design Poster Competition
The pool was created for Graphic Design Poster Competition contest held by Veerle's Blog in the early of July 2008. 623 posters were submitted and you can also check out some of the incredibly awesome winner's posters on Veerle's Blog

The Business Card
This group is all about business cards. Design, application, and distribution. A great spot to discuss good quality of card designs and aesthetics. Compare and contrast styles, composition, and technique.If you're proud of your business card, just join to start posting your creative biz card!

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  1. Great article, Audee. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Alex,
    You're welcome... Your blog is always be one of my favorite. Better wait for another round up, because I have a great news for ya! :D

    ~ A u d e e


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