Tuesday, November 18, 2008

»» Corel Draw Text Effects - Part 2

1. Chrome Text Effect
Do you all get worried because of color combination in order to get Chrome effect in texts that you are using? Fine check this out to get it out...

2. Gold Text Effect
Here you check about how to get Gold effect....
3. Neon Effect
I am really got interested in this text effect because of it's nature of design. It is that much cool and a great one to have it. Fantastic effects are used here to get Neon effect.

»» How to Create Icons in Illustrator - Part 2

1. Help Icon
You all know about this icon and many of us are used these things too. The main part is the glossy effect of the icon. Check it out....
2. XBox 360
It is very famous, I know many tried there level best to do it of your own. But it's such simple here try this one..
3. Folder Icon
We all are familiar with this one, but this is slightly different. Check it...
4. Translucent IM
This is one of the main notable thing, because it is that much special through the shape it is having.

»» Photoshop Patterns - Part 4

1. Renaissance

2. Brusheezy Exclusive
3. Glitters Patterns4. Pack 31

»» Photoshop Icons - Part 5

Are you searching for cool icons? Do you wanna know how to do it? Then fine I will list out some of the cool icon tutorials, just check this out and make use of it.

1. Vista Firewall
As we all know this is the Vista firewall icon, just looking like a shield right? Try to make it as your own.
2. Statistics Icon
This is such a wonderful icon, because the glossy effect of the icon is really awesome and at the same time the corners of the icon is really good.
3. Mac Os X Mail Icon Style
Such a beautiful one to see. The stamp like look is superb and nice too. Just check it out this cool icon....

4. Traffic Cone Icon
You all know about this right? Are you trying to make it of your own? Then try this tutorial out, it is very simple and cool too...

Monday, November 17, 2008

»» Corel Draw Tutorials - Part 7

In this post we will discuss some of the Corel Draw Techniques, which will be very useful for all the Corel Draw beginners.

1. Designing 360 Degrees
"We need a circle with a 6 inch radius and we want marks around the edge of the circle at 1 degree increments that are labeled." Here's how it's done in CorelDRAW 9. Also shows you how to give it a 3D appearance with the EZ Metrics add-on.

2. Creating Complex Shapes
Learn how to combine basic shapes to create more complex shapes in CorelDraw 7 and up.

3. From CorelDRAW to the Web
Detailed information on converting your CorelDRAW illustrations to GIF images for the Web. Based on version 8.

4. Getting Rid of That Darned White Box
How to remove the rectangular background from bitmap images you'll be importing into CorelDRAW.

5. Removing the Background
How to remove the backgrounds from images in CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint for versions 5 and beyond.

6. Using a Matte Color In Transparent GIFs
"Using a matte color for a background will help blend the edges of anti-aliased objects when making transparent GIFs."

7. Web Export
Exporting from CorelDraw for the Web using Corel 4, 5 or 6.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

»» Illustrator Tutorials - Part 7

Are you got bored of some repeated photoshop, corel draw tutorials? Fine I just found out some cool Illustrator Tutorials, which will surely help the beginners to do better. Here check this out and make use of it...

1. Flower
Create stylish vector flower with Illustrator Blend tool.

2. Tracing photo
Full detailed tutorial on how to trace from a photo.

3. Adobe bridge icon
Want to know how this complex Adobe Bridge icon is made?

4. Pumpkin
Learn how to draw a Halloween pumpkin from scratch.

Rui Vieira Photography & Design

I call his name: "Rui" ~ Rui Vieira is a Digital Photographer and design freelancer from Portugal who enjoys his time by exploring fantastic scenes of urban art photography.

Rui Vieira Photography & Design

Dynamic flow in Simplicity is what his design is. You'll see many of his poster designs are actually amazing composition between highly photography effect and modern typography layering. Nevertheless, he always passionate to snap urban spots and even the multicultural urbanity in it.

Rui Vieira Photography & Design

A conceptual photograph of his, titled "Communication" is one of my favorite. Smartly taken as a simple daily portrait of how the urbanists are moving time and moving life with a communication tool.

Communication by ~RuiVieira on deviantART

Sometimes, his inspiration comes from cityscape corner or high rise architecture building. The "Linha Tejo" poster design series are displaying architectural element that collaborates carefully-picked typography.
Rui Vieira Photography & Design

Another instance of archi-typo poster designs of Rui Vieira could be "Headline" and "Zero2"

Headline by ~RuiVieira on deviantART

Rui Vieira Photography & Design

He has decided to move from Blogger to Wordpress blog platform to get more enhanced features on posting his poster design and photography. Be sure to visit Rui Vieira Graphic Design website if you're interested to see his design portfolio. You can also visit Rui's DeviantART profile with great deviation ;)

This article post is a contribution to "Design you love: a group writing project". (Thank you to Mirko of Designer Daily who made this event possible). A late submission I know :D (due to my heavy scheduled tasks) but the main thing is that: I hope you all will enjoy this short design review. I've missed the blogging days moment and I miss replying wonderful comments posted by the wonderful you! Have a great weekend everyone :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

»» Oil Painting Tutorials

I just searched across the web for some different tutorials to help beginners who are so much interested in designing, painting and so on. You all like Oil Painting right? Then fine check these tutorials and make use of it...

1. Summer Foliage
This simple tutorial will talk the novice oil painter through painting a series of bushes and tree shapes in a summer setting.

2. Landscape
This simple tutorial will talk the novice oil painter through painting a small landscape painting.

3. Painting Rocks under Water
This tutorial is really nice, especially the coloring technique implemented in the painting.

4. Vase
This simple tutorial will talk the novice oil painter through painting a simple vase.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

»» Photoshop Icons - Part 4

1. Orb Site Icons
This design is really nice, especially the glossy look the button.

2. Torch Light
Today we will see about How to Create Photoshop Electronic Torch Light Icon.
3. Flash Drive
Learn how to create a usb flash stick from scratch. In this design the structure of pen drive is really good.

4. LCD Monitor
The angle of look is nice, especially the flat design of the monitor.

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