Saturday, July 25, 2009

Real-time replies notification using Twitter Web

Twitter web has been improving its features for better usage. You used to click @your_username at your sidebar to find out who has replied your tweets. But right now you can save your time by making good use of "Real-time results" of Twitter search system. I wanna share this tips to you today, but before that :D, I also want to tell you that Graphic Identity's Twitter background is featured on Twitter Backgrounds Gallery in Brands category. You can give a vote love if you like ;)


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Here is how to get real-time replies notification using Twitter web

I assume you've registered to Twitter, and please do sign up if you haven't.

Once you're logged in, find the search box on the right sidebar and type your username after the "@" character. For an easy example, I'm gonna use this query: @your_username.
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Save the search query by clicking the green button on the top of your tweets updates section.
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Twitter will confirm this and you can also check your Saved Searches section at Twiter web sidebar to make sure that you have saved your search query using your own Twitter username.
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You can remove this saved search later if you don't need it anymore.
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It is so simple and every time you send tweets, Twitter will give real time reply notification, like this:
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I only just click the "Refresh" link (you see I have 4 new replies right there) and there it goes, Twitter web will show the real-time replies of @graphicidentity.
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Keep your window browser active and Twitter will generate numbers of real-time results whenever there are any new updates coming up. Trending Topics seemed having better example to understand how this thing works, as you'll see the number of real-time results keep growing and growing within secs.

I also use Twitter real-time search result to find out how many Twepls who has tweeted my latest blog post. I included my blog post title on my saved searches for this. You can also do the same thing for any search queries to track them just in case you want to get fresh news, trending topics, tweeted conversations, hashtags or to follow your most favorite Twitter mate's latest tweets if you need.

Have fun to explore this new Twitter feature and have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

5 Fresh Free Typefaces

I just wanna share you what I found recently. 5 Free Typefaces that are relatively new to have a look.

FILE™ always produce typefaces with contemporary looks. Introducing the brand new FILE™ as a new released typeface by This typeface is applicable for any type of graphic design.


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Nata rounded 0.1
Nata rounded 0.1 is a Beta version of David Botella' first Typeface. Bulky and round, and also absolutely perfect to use for any typographic designs.


Big Boned
Big Boned is the Alpha version typeface that has bold shapes and it is a result of a playful experimental typeface by


Titillium is a high quality sans serif typeface, which has professional looks and suitable for display or text purpose. It comes with various font-weight in a set. There is also available Titillium extra-black version to download for free.


Museo Sans
Museo Sans is a derivative typeface of the well-known Museo. Just note its geometric glyphs which is designed with very precise proportion. This typeface has a great ultra balance of structure.


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