Sunday, February 13, 2011

COLOURlovers: Energetic Orange

Red and Yellow
Red and Yellow
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Orange is playful! It stimulates creativity, emotions and even the appetite. This vibrant color also act as a healing power, as it brings vitality with endurance energy. When you design using orange color tone, it has a bit less intensity compared to red, but calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow. It can be found in widely range of nature elements.

Here are variation of orange colors shared from COLOURlovers, I hope you would enjoy and fave them! Feel free to add some other 'orange' color using comment box. Happy Sunday :)

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  1. Rounge looks like a brilliant color, not just for designing, but also for painting homes.

  2. You certainly do seem to be in an orange mood :)

    I love it when I find I am in a "mood" and delving into a particular type, or pattern or color.

    Stay Hungry!

  3. I like the 'georgia' orange, but I also do agree that 'Rounge' is a bright and brilliant color!

    just visited your wonderful site and thank you for your friendly comment ;)

  4. Hi,

    Nice information about Orange color and information about natural effects. I love orange color too much.. Thanks for sharing such a nice information about orange color.


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