Thursday, October 20, 2011

Selfa - a Serif Font Inspired by Georgia & Garamond Typeface

Selfa is a fairly new font designed by Housseynou Fall. If you pay attention to the finial of certain small character, such as: a, c, f, g, r and s, there's swooshy finish up. The i and j, each of them has a very unique dot. The Standard Ligatures also available for: fl, ff and fi. This font is inspired by two famous classic serif typefaces: Georgia & Garamond.

Since the first release in around July 2011, Selfa has been refined and updated to Selfa ver. 2.
The whole look for this font, both for small character glyphs and caps is classical and elegant, but in the 'new' kind of way.

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Visit, to download this beautiful Selfa font. The zipped folder includes both Opentype and Truetype File which should work on either PC or MAC.

Check Housseynou's wonderful designs applying Selfa on Dribbble and Forrst.

Selfa is free for personal and commercial work (but please read the designer's license first). You can use it for professional websites, to embed it via @font-face and also for logo design project like what I just did ;).

YES! Just yesterday I published a new logo that is part of my GraphicRiver portfolio, called: Lotusiana. Lotusiana logo is an abstraction of lotus or flower, with geometric shapes. I couldn't think of any other font but Selfa :) ~ I made a few small edits on the 'tu' and put 'orange' color for the 'i' dot. Make a bid offer for Lotusiana logo if you're interested to purchase it for your new business.

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