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The Best Online Services for Creating Logos

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Time and again, it has been proven that a catchy and attractive logo is an effective marketing tool for any business or brand. It should be noted that people would often keep what they see in mind better than what they hear. Hence, creating a visually appealing and eye-catching logo to sell your brand might just do the trick. In crafting your logo, you have to ensure that it is specific and straightforward yet engaging to the eyes at the same time.

It is also worth noting that a logo should stand the test of time. Even after a few alterations, the logo should still be recognizable. It should be treated with utmost importance in order to stand out from your competition, should there be one. In this article, we will identify resources and tips on how to create a standout logo. Aside from the design, the color and the font are two of the most significant factors in a logo. Furthermore, we will identify several services for creating good logos for your business.

Color of the Logo

Speaking of tips in creating a stand out logo, you should consider engaging in several resources to improve your logo further. For instance, the color of your logo would convey a lot regarding the products and services you offer, your target customers, and the overall feel of your brand. Here are some websites which may guide you regarding the color schemes of your logo.

Paletton's Color Scheme Designer

As its name implies, the application provides users with a set of color schemes. Simple and easy to use, you simply have to drag the buttons in order to change the color from the palette. Different shades of such color will be flashed right beside the palette. You could choose whether your scheme is monochromatic or with a complementary.

Adobe Color

Adobe Color lets you create the most appropriate color schemes from the color wheel which is present on its easily navigable interface. Designed for designers and newbies alike, the application provides a relatively easy way to mix and match colors. You can you change the color rule depending on your preference: analogous, monochromatic, triad, and others.


Coolors is a relatively easy tool that generates stunning color palettes. By using the spacebar, a five-color palette is generated. You may keep pressing the spacebar until you find the palette which you think is most appropriate for your logo. You can also filter the generated palettes based on a color of your choosing. To adjust the colors, you simply have to adjust the icon right on the color. There are more customizable options which could be used in Coolors.

Font of the Logo

Aside from its color, the logo’s font should also be taken into consideration. The clarity of the fonts you choose could be a criterion for determining the capability of your logo to sell. When selecting the most suitable font for your logo, you may want to check on these websites which offer various font styles for your consumption.


The website is a font resource which offers over 10,000 fonts which could be downloaded freely. Choose from a wide range of fonts which could fit your logo depending on your chosen style – from calligraphic and retro to modern and 3D. Logo fonts such as Yahoo and Disney could be found here.



The website is another resource when seeking for the most appropriate font for your logo. The fonts are categorized into several styles including sans serif, script, and slab serif. Clear and readable fonts such as Proxima Nova and Avenir could be downloaded from this website.

Best Services for Creating a Logo

Now that you have thought for the most appropriate color and font for your logo, you should already start creating one. There are several online services which provide a good avenue for creating a logo. In order to guide you on the best online websites, we have compiled some of the best services for creating a logo.

Shopify Online Logo Maker

Shopify is an online commerce platform for online stores. The website helps you get your business be noticed by providing an avenue to create a logo. You do not need to have extensive knowledge and expertise in design since the website could help you construct a logo within a short while. Shopify has an immense collection of stock images and options which could be put together to come up with a distinct logo.

Logo Garden

For those who are into easy to use editors, you may want to avail of the services of Logo Garden. Through its DIY editors, users are provided with a distinct experience in creating a logo. Features of Logo Garden include effects such as reflect, shadow, and shine. To add to the design of your logo, there are symbol effects offered for your convenience. Some of these symbols include medals and trophies. You are also given to luxury to add text and edit its style and color. If you are done with your design, you can already download your logo instantly.

Logo Maker by Ucraft

The logo maker of Ucraft could be navigated quickly with the help of its prompts and its simple interface. Several icons are provided to suit the most appropriate image for your business. Texts and shapes are also offered to highlight your logo. You may change the color of the design depending on the message you wish you convey. While relatively simple in style, the logos created through Ucraft could appeal to a number of the audience which is into such form.


Should you want a professional-looking design for your brand, you can create a logo through Logaster. It delivers a decent user interface which is relatively easy to navigate. Primarily, you get to choose the type of brand which you have. A selection of concepts will be provided for you. You could also edit these concepts based on your preference. After spending a few minutes editing your logo, you will end up with a professional-looking logo which could be appealing and attractive.

DesignHill Logo Maker

With over a thousand logo designs to choose from, creating a logo from DesignHill. After identifying the nature of your brand or business, a collection of suggested logos would appear. You could pick up to five designs you would like. These will serve as the inspiration for the creation of your logo. You could also edit the color, font, and text of your design. With a few extra bucks, you could avail of unlimited access to various features and perks including the ability to print as much as you need.

Aside from the aforementioned tips and services, you should keep in mind several techniques in creating an appealing logo for your business. When creating a logo, there are a lot of things to be considered. Aside from its initial design which should convey the whole message of your brand, you should be able to pick the ideal font and color which would make your logo eye-catching. This way, people will get to notice your brand. Furthermore, now you can design your own great logo with confidence in minimum budget and the limit is your creativity. The internet hosts several platforms which could deliver an excellent performance in designing a logo. You do not need to have extensive knowledge in designing in order to come up with a creative logo. You only need to know your brand, avail of logo making services online, and you are good to go.

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