Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Are you making these common blog layout mistakes?

Randa Clay, an author who contributes in weekly basis at Wisdump wrote her very first article about common blog layout mistakes. This is interesting because sometimes we don’t think as if as we are a blog reader. We were just writing and posting what we thought was a good article. A blog is somehow an alternative way to establish dialogs on certain topics. Visitors read your article and put comment on it. But is that all what your blog readers need? Outstanding article post??? Are they really comfort to stay there?
Well, blog readers also deserve better blog layout to read and eventually put comment on it.
There must be some good reasons how an interesting layout performs very good visitors traffic than the other. Common blog layout mistakes could make a blog easily forgotten.
What does it takes to customize your blog and avoid unnecessary layout mistakes?

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Jump on over to Wisdump to read the full article !

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  1. “Blogs with a fluid layout almost always result in the post column growing wider to fill the screen. In a time when we are all trying to consume more information than ever before, this is a mistake.”
    Wait a minute: do you tell users NOT to stick to fluid layouts?
    Ever checked a 900px fixed site on a 24″ screen?
    What about using max width?


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