Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Design is Beautifully Ripped Off

I was shocked knowing that one of my Photoshop freebies being hijacked by some other Bloggers for their own benefit. Since this was my first experience, I’m getting intense to find out how to prevent this issue.

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You can tell how your work of art becomes popular using site tracker tool. As I’ve been checking my stat regularly, I found that, one of my Photoshop freebies gets good attention from some reader segment. I used “Round Corner Photoshop Brushes” as anchor text for every link related and image alt. I didn’t mean to search down for hijacking items on my design. I went to Google to find out how my blog post rank result in “Round Corner Photoshop Brushes” keywords. Sadly but true, I found 5 sites doing copyright violation on my design. They simply erased my watermark tagline on the preview image, and replaced it with their own logo, as if they have created it by themselves. No link back or attribution definitely, and they provide re-self-hosted link to download the file.

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  1. I read in one of the forums about some one who deals with this, it was on blog catalog, I'll see if I can find it and get back to you. On writers forum also on blog catalog they discussed something similar as well, maybe should try and imbed something in it that would prevent it being down loaded, without coming to you first. Just brainstorming off the top of my head.

  2. Sad, even I have been the victim of a blog post being ripped off and no link back whatsoever. If someone has a solution, please let me know

  3. Stanaxe,
    Thank you so much for the suggestion..I've also entered the BlogCatalog discussion..and folks were enthusiast to share what they know about copyright violation.
    Perhaps if you read the rest of my article here, you would find further information and solution to your problem. Thanks for the comment..

  4. hi!!!!....
    look...I have seen some blogs that are making report because theirs photos, or works are been used in another blogs without permission...
    this is very regrettable....

    I think that the change of the tutorial to other page in your blog is better...

    we all need a fast solution to this problem !!!!...


  5. that is so sad and stupid of them. sad thing is that this happens of peoples art as well and how can they expect to steal art thats so low.


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