Wednesday, March 26, 2008

DESIGNATHLON - Logo Design vs Blog Design

Time to get your self warm up now! New events are likely get you to exercise into rounds of enthusiastic battle of DESIGNATHLON competitions. :D Don't get confuse to what I'm trying to say. DESIGNATHLON is just a dummy term to describe what's going on here.

There are two design competition events that I've been following recently. Held on Logo Design Love and Vandelay Website Design, I think if you could watch these competition it would be as fun as watching a game competition. You don't have to sweat to create and submit your hell of astonishing design, because all you have to do is to vote. You will be the judge reader along with other blog readers across the globe to choose some of the design entries as your most favorite design.

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Enough with the chit chat let see what you can do ;)!

Reader Appreciation Award at Logo Design Love
There are 10 award categories of logo submission. As well as an outright winner decided by the judges, you are also invited to vote by leaving comments on the individual category posts. Add a comment below every post category as your favourite design (or 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourite). Once all categories have been published, the votes will be counted and the final round featured .
Categories already published are hyperlinked. The remainder will follow very soon. Find these 10 logo design categories and start your votes now!
* Business blogs
* Design and photography blogs
* Entertainment blogs
* Environmental blogs
* Health and self-development blogs
* Marketing and PR blogs
* Personal blogs
* Political blogs
* Technology blogs
* Miscellaneous (for everything else)

Blog Design Madness
Blog Design Madness
The Blog Design Madness competition is now officially underway! There are 64 blogs that have been chosen, and the participants are all listed in this post. Because each competition requires a separate poll, Vandelay Website Design needs to break up the first round into 2 parts. There are 16 matchups in this post involving 32 outstanding blog designs, and the second half of round one will come in a few days.
Each matchup includes a poll, links and a screenshot of both blogs. Vote for your favorite blog on Blog Design Madness: Round One now!
Here are the competition participants:
* Freelance Switch vs. Mark's Digital Farm
* vs. You the Designer
* Pro Blog Design vs. Tim Kadlec
* 9513 vs. Webstock
* Grand Sierra Magazine vs. Elitist Snob
* The Big Noob vs. Blog Design Blog
* Reflections vs. Trailer Flick
* David Airey vs. Kollermedia
* ProBlogger vs. Sully's Design Studio
* Artico vs. Young Go Getter
* Cult Foo vs. N. Design Studio
* Robert Beerworth vs. Noupe
* Laura Alter vs. Loon Design
* Rob Goodlatte vs. A List Apart
* Josh Spear vs. Mostly Lisa
* PSDTuts vs. Bart-Jan Verhoef


  • The results from the 1st half of round one are as follows (see the original post for screenshots and links):

  • Blog Design Madness has completed the votings for The Second Half of Round One
    There were 32 excellent designs to decide on, and the winner of this second half round one are:
    Freelance Switch vs. Mark’s Digital Farm
    Winner is Freelance Switch

    Vocino vs. Youth the Design
    Winner is Vocino

    Pro Blog Design vs. Tim Kadlec
    Winner is Pro Blog Design

    9513 vs. Webstock
    Winner is 9513

    Grand Sierra Magazine vs. Elitist Snob (this poll was tied, so I took am removing my vote for Grand Sierra Magazine and using the readers votes of 15 to 14 in favor of…)
    Winner is Elitist Snob

    The Big Noob vs. Blog Design Blog
    Winner is Blog Design Blog

    Reflections vs. TrailerFlick
    Winner is Reflections

    David Airey vs. Kollermedia
    Winner is David Airey

    ProBlogger vs. Sully’s Design Studio
    Winner is Sully’s Design Studio

    Artico vs. Young Go Getter
    Winner is Young Go Getter

    Cult Foo vs. N. Design Studio
    Winner is N. Design Studio

    Robert Beerworth vs. Noupe
    Winner is Robert Beerworth

    Laura Alter vs. Loon Design
    Winner is Loon Design

    Rob Goodlatte vs. A List Apart
    Winner is A List Apart

    Josh Spear vs. Mostly Lisa
    Winner is Josh Spear

    PSDTuts vs. Bart-Jan Verhoef
    Winner is PSDTuts

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