Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feed Flare Grand Opening Contest! has been launch just over a month. Collin, the owner of this fantastic Feed Flare community site has starting out a grand opening contest with total prize packages are worth just over $5200.00 (cash value) plus the 25,000 Entrecard credits.

Feed Flare Contest


I have informed you in my previous post that Graphic Identity blog has been taking part to sponsoring Feed Flare first contest. One of these prizes might be yours if you become one of the lucky winners of this amazing contest!

  • Mini Unix web hosting package free for 1 year - Donated by BlurFur web hosting services (value - $70.00) - random draw

  • Advertising voucher with Bidvertiser worth $200.00 in free clicks (value - $200.00) - random draw

  • Blog branding package which includes (Favico, header, logo, 125x125 button) design package donated by Graphic Identity (value - $200.00) - random draw

  • Free advertising for one month in the form of a 125x125 button on Blogging Cents. (value - $35.00) - random draw

  • Win one of 3 free advertising spots on the “You Can Learn Series” blog in the form of a 125x125 ad button (value per spot - $10.00) - random draw

  • Exclusive Theme donated by Unique Blog Designs (value - $99.00) there is around 10 different themes you can chose from if you win - random draw

  • Win one of 2 copies of the “Written Promptly Everyday”; E-Book donated by The Prompt Writer (value per book -$5.00) random draw

  • Win a copy of “How to launch a profitable free lancing business for under $50.00”; donated by the “Self Made Chick” (value - $12.00) random draw

  • Custom banner design and the size will be of your choice donated by Dat Money dot com (value - $50.00) random draw

  • One month free 125x125 advertising on Jason Boom dot com. (value - $20.00) random draw

  • Grand Prise - 25,000 Entrecard credits (one lump some, the largest amount to be given away in a contest to date) draw date is March 31st (value - not really sure but some where around $250.00 I think)

  • Bonus gifts - we have 200 pages on the “One Buck Wiki”; to give away - the first two hundred contest enterer’s will be each given one page as a bonus gift just for entering our grand opening contest.You will still be able to win any of the other prizes we have as well. The current selling price for a page on the “One Buck Wiki”; is $20.00 making this our largest prize package worth over $4000.00 in cash value.

  • Featured Grand Prise = $500.00 cash payable via PayPal with the draw date being March 31st. You can thank my nice income tax return for this prize!!!

This event will be fun to enter and made simple so you can join anytime!
To join the contest is always easy! You can read the details at Feed Flare contest announcement post and submit your entry fast!


The contest sponsors listed below will serve the winners with their kind donation of prizes ;) You will recognize from the list that some of the sponsors are actually popular bloggers and well known site services in the blogosphere. The contest has been start and gets supported nicely by these sponsors. Don’t loose a chance to join this exclusive contest event by submitting your entry start from now! :D

1- Blogging Cents
2- My Radical Blogs
3- Jason Boom
4- Dat money
5- Graphic Identity
6- You Can Learn Series

8- BidVertiser

9- Firewalker Designs

10- The Prompt Writer

11- Self Made Chick
12- Revenue Canada (my tax return)
13- My Radical Blogs

14- One Buck Wiki
15- Unique Blog Designs

Have fun and take your part!

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