Sunday, August 31, 2008 Free Photoshop Brushes with Quality

Have you wonder of how much time you've been taking to look for a high quality photoshop brush on the internet? The search engine might display lots of resources, but only few that included high quality of brushes inside the recommended website. I think this is the time for you to visit ;).

Read More is a new website that collects great numbers of free Photoshop Brushes with quality. No need to be hassled to find what you're looking for when you visit the Brushes Gallery, because at the very right sidebar you will see how those brushes are nicely ordered into categories. You can navigate better by browsing the whole brushes that have been tagged using a search form.

Featured Photoshop brushes by specific categories that get lots of attention are: Splatters, Swirls and Vectors. The collections of those three brush set categories are the most wanted stylish trends over the professional designers and blogers. While the community news section, allows you to submit one of your own articles or something that you appreciate from another blog (all related articles about brushes). Yet, has became more dynamic as a resourceful Photoshop brush set collections website, ever!

Another amazing thing about is how easy you will get direct access information from an animated sliding tool tip when image thumbnail box of each brush set is hovered. You will see common infos about the brush's author, download link, brush set license, number of brushes in a set, download popularity counter and detail link, simply by going through pages of brushes gallery.

WHY BRUSHKING.EU? has currently listed over 2000 brushes from great designers, so make sure that you won't miss the updates by subscribing to RSS Feed. Please tell us what you think about this website after your first visit or drop a testimonial comment of how collections have become such a helpful resource to your design project!


  1. Answering the first question on first parapgraph : Since I able using photoshop :D and I guess it's ... 4 years ?

    Btw, nice brushes gallery

  2. Great resource! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Permana,
    Wonderful! so it's been helping you for a long time eh? :p

    web-betty, is one of my favorite brush resources too ;)

  4. Moki,
    Thanks for da comment :) yes is my most favorite photoshop brush resources!

  5. I usually visit Brusheezy for high quality brush, but now got a new brush resource website! :D

    Nice and thanks for your sharing ya!

  6. I just purchase the program. This is great to have this information on your blog. Thank you I will mark you

  7. Fantastic! Thanks for the great link! I've bookmarked it. :)

  8. omg thanks so much!

    i've been looking for a nice floral brush for since like forever! xD

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