Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Design Process of Danielku Logo

A month ago, I was working on a brand identity project together with Daniel Keller. He is a music producer, blogger & audiogadget lover from Switzerland, who is also the owner of this project :D. I'm so happy that after long brainstorming process, the re-brand of Danielku logo is finally here.


I just want to share the design process with you and I would love to read your feedbacks too :)

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Recently we've made another version to fit the 'ActiveDen' marketplace environment. We selected two font characters that can symbolized Flash ActionScript, which are 'd' and '<' ~ so both characters create Daniel's initial.


  1. wow now everyone can see how hard such a design process can be :) keep it up Audee, it was great to work with you

  2. Nice job! The logo's perfect for representing Daniel's brand identity. Looking at the logo design, I can say that there really is "music in colors".

  3. Great post. Kudos on the logo, I must say that it looks good.

  4. Dani,
    My pleasure :)It's more like a fun process to me Dani. I hope you experienced the same thing during the logo design development of yours. :D

    Thank you for the nice words :) Yeah, the logo has a music note icon attached... and also with fruity colors ;)

  5. Thanks for sharing this interesting design process and I must say that the logo design is quiet good.

    Will be looking forward to see more of such posts :)

  6. Michele,
    Thank you :) I was just doing my best for it.

    Graphic Design Blog,
    =) Anytime! The process was interesting, that's why I feel like sharing this is a must.

  7. Nice. Good concept. I like the logo in the image "Final Logo Design" lower left corner. The curves in the top of the note are more dramatic than the other concepts giving it flow.

  8. Excellent work! You are very talented & deserve much success. This logo is really top notch. :)

  9. Jennifer,
    Thank you for the comment on the curve 'flag' logo. I also like that version very much actually :)

    awww.. what a surprise to have you here with nice comments and wishes! Thank you! I just doing my best for this logo :D

  10. Love the danielku logo. Like the color combination. You rocks. Great design work. keep it up.Thanks.


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