Thursday, April 10, 2008

Estetica Graphic Design Group Interviews

Graphic Identity has been invited for a cross interviewing event between Design Bloggers held by Estetica Graphic Design Forum.

Toon, the admin of Estetica Design Forum, has a such brilliant idea to sort this unique interview event. There are 8 designers participating and Graphic Identity Blog has been choosen randomly to interview Jacob Cass from Just Creative Design
and at the same Graphic Identity Blog will also be interviewed by Caroline Murphy of Caroline Murphy's Designs.

The 8 Design Blogs Taking Part Are:

  • The Digital Revolution Blog will interview Aaron Russell's Blog

  • Caroline Murphy's Design Blog will interview Graphic Identity Blog

  • Estetica Graphic Design Blog will interview Crazyleaf Design Blog

  • The Creativecurio Blog will interview The Digital Revolution Blog

  • Graphic Identity Blog will interview Just Creative Design Blog

  • Crazyleaf Design Blog will interview The Creativecurio Blog

  • Just Creative Design Blog will interview Estetica Graphic Design Blog

  • Aaron Russell's Blog will interview Caroline Murphy's Design Blog

  • The final interviews will be posted on Graphic Identity blog as all the interviewed participants will do the same thing next week. If somehow you get courious of how this interviewing round up will be published later on, you can subscribe to Graphic Identity Blog to follow the next update.


    1. No one wana interview me :-(

      But hey... congrats .... i am looking forward to read your interviews :-)

    2. You will have your own interview a blog celebrity LOL! trust me ;)


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