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Graphic Flux – Collective Graphic Design Blogging Project

collective graphic design project

It was started from a small discussion with graphic designer friends who are also bloggers, I have an idea to set a collective graphic design blogging activity. An event that I hope will be continuously persist in every month and growing.

The main objective is to showcase everyone skills and talent in graphic design. The submission entries don’t have to appear like somewhat of professional graphic designer can do. They can be a process of a newbie experiment to learn advance technique...anything that will express your sense of art in graphic design or simple stuff that has developed from creativity.

Graphic Flux
is the title of this Collective Graphic Design Project and it was first brought by We hope that this collective blogging project will dynamically visualized your graphic design as we are calling out more and more graphic designers or everyone who has big passion to graphic design to get involved into this project.

What to Do?

  • In every month round, we will set a new graphic design task for the participants. We think that different theme challenge in monthly time line set would encourage you to stay creative with more challenging task.
  • We will choose the blog host every month to showcase all the entries. If you are a Blog Catalog user, and has been actively involved in our group called Blog Catalog Graphic Design Group, then your chance to be chosen as the host blog for this project should be more.
  • As we announce the new monthly round task, give yourself time to design as what will be described in Graphic Identity blog or the host Blog! We think that monthly round timeline should give all the participants to design and relax into pure creative time.
  • Create your graphic design based on the theme’s format and rules.
  • When you are finished with your design, just post it in your blog and don’t forget to link back to the chosen host blog and to the Graphic Flux announcement post on the host blog itself. If you are not a blogger, you can always write a guest post about your submission design on my blog or your friend’s blog.
  • Describe your design process tricks and tips or just share the story of why you come up with your design.
  • We will notice that you are in the game, by contacting to the Graphic Flux blog host of the month via email or post a comment to the Graphic Flux announcement post (depends on the announcement rules set by the host blog) and include:
    1. Your name
    2. Your blog name and URL
    3. Your design post permalink
  • The deadline for each entry submission would be in the date of 30th every month. Once the submissions are in, the host blog will pick some of the best designs and showcase them on a round up post in the following month.
  • You are allowed to contribute only one design per project/site.

What You Will Get from This Blogging Project

  • We like the idea of staying connected to each other’s blog. Which are you probably have done it by commenting on a someone’s blog post, subscribing to a blog, or many things that you can do to get involved in everyone’s blog. Well this collective blogging activity would somehow connect you in more unique way :D
  • You can learn new tips and techniques from other blogger mates who have joined this blogging project.
  • Showcase your design work in a growing community and having a chance to let people find out more about you.
  • You will get more related back links and of course: Link Love. By the end of the month, Graphic Identity blog will give the link love to all the participants of this graphic design project in a monthly round up post. Graphic Identity Blog now has received PR 5, so please use this benefit and submit your entry when we launch this project next week!

The Blog Host for this collective project is already chosen, and that would be While we gather more participants within a week, kindly subscribe to Graphic Identity blog Feed to hear the next update about the project task for the June’s round.


  1. This is great, I can't wait to participate. Just like Smashing Magazine but in the lower scale. When the first submission gonna start?

  2. I enjoy all of you information. I will look forward to reading and learning more

  3. Didik,
    It is going to start next week after posts the rule announcement for this project.
    :p I didn't know that Smashing Magz did the same project actually.

    I really appriciate for your time to make a nice comment.
    Keep intouch for the next update please...
    Have a nice day! :)

  4. Sounds pretty interesting.. I'll be sure to check out the next round.

  5. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for dropping by... I've promoted this event and many friends were interested to join, but surprisingly in the end, I see few entries only :D
    If you have any idea for the next round, please let me know will you!


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