Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June Graphic Flux entry - Xerces CD Cover Design

Wow ;) Finally, I finished the design submission for Graphic Flux June Graphic Design Challenge. Still 5 days to go for the entry deadline date, so please join now if you still haven’t submitted your own design.

You can take a look to some of the recent design entries on The design challenge is to create a CD artwork cover for a band, and here are the details:

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The group's name is Xerces. They are your countrymen and need to make a global impact with this release. Groundbreaking artwork for their CD will be used to carry over to their other media to create a strong connection to the group. Xerces' main focus is music for rain forests. They are all about letting the world know about this incredible but shrinking resource. They would like the CD artwork to reflect their passion for rain forests. Xerces wants to keep the artwork 4-color and their only other requirement is to use the font face 'Petie Boy' available for a free download from Bittbox.

June Graphic Flux Challenge
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To set 4-color schemes only into this CD cover design is absolutely challenging, so I went to see natural background that has mono color hue and this dark wooden board background became my choice. Xerces’s is a unique band and focusing on music for rain forests, therefore emphasizing it to fit the natural context is important. I want it to be simple but mystify at once :p, so I was adding up a floral abstract leaf which has rich detailed texture.

To be honest, I prefer to have destroyed BB Petie Boy fonts on the design. But, then again, it is rather difficult for me to make it readable when only 4-color schemes allowed to use in this design challenge. In the end, I decide to put the red “S” destroyed font letter to spice up. The other font’s characters are white and to make it stand apart from the background, I thought I need to add red stroke to each of it.

I want to hear your comment regarding to this design challenge and my design submission! :D so please drop comments and I really appreciate it if you would join this Graphic Flux June Graphic Design Challenge also!

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