Friday, October 10, 2008

Poster Design: Echo for the World

Echo for the World
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Here is my design submission for Big Typography Contest launched at MyInkBlog.
I don't know if Andrew Houle would accept this entry :P, since this is the last day to submit the design poster for this contest.

I just want to come with simple typography, so for me... ARIAL ruleeeeeeees! :D

You can also enjoy amazing posters from various designers at Big Typography Contest Flickr Group and don't forget to shout comments there!


  1. Hey Audee,

    Thanks for the entry! It looks great. You have until tonight (October 10, 2008) at midnight et to get your poster in. So you still have time :)

    Myself, and 3 other judges will be deciding the winners by early next week.

    Good luck!

  2. Andrew,
    :D Thank you for the compliment. I think I will only submit one entry design.
    I admire the other posters submission on Flickr too... Lots of creative people there :)
    So, it is a fun competition for me.

  3. exotic, membuat aku ngerasa asing, cocok buat merenung.
    simple, seperti katamu Arial Rule.
    berani, kayaknya aku ga bakalan pernah bisa membiarkan areal kerjaku kosong, apalagi membiarkan paduan warna yang kayak gitu berada di lembar kerjaku. kontras ya nggak, dibilang ga kontras kok ya agak2 kontras. trutama warna biru mudanya, wani tenan kowe.
    kesimpulannya, ga bakalan aku punya ide
    exotic, simple dan berani kayak gini. good job maam..


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