Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Connect to JustCreativeDesign.com Group Writing Project & Win $5000 PRIZE GIVEAWAY

This month, I’ve committed my self to enhance my network by sponsoring several blog contests and a Group Writing Project held by JustCreativeDesign.com.  Jacob Cass is the man behind this wonderful project. He is exclusively running the contest to bring all the design freaks, graphic design blogs and people who subscribe to them a bit closer together with $5000+ worth of prizes to give away.

Connect to JustCreativeDesign.com Group Writing Project & Win $5000 PRIZE GIVEAWAY

I must say that winning the contest could be sounds so much fun, but then again what I love the most about this project is the opportunity to enhance your network, to link and be linked in with other participants. Your blog would have been nothing if you hold yourself away from the crowd. Participate to meet new people, to link love, to surf the submissions, leave comments and make connections with other fellow graphic designers & subscribers alike would dazzle the fun into hilarity to this group writing project.

My part in this contest is listed in Bonus Prize Sponsors. You could be the one who win A Blog Header design that is created by Graphic Identity team ;p.

I should add few more the updates regarding to the contest, that Jacob Cass will still accepting late sponsor up until the prize draw date. Sponsors are able to enter the contest; however you can not win your own prize.

The entries deadline will be on Tuesday 4th of March.

How to participate in this Group Writing Project?

This contest is open to all of you, even if you’re not a graphic designer. All you have to do is to write a new post on the subject of Graphic Design, and re-posting old article for this project is not OK.

As Jacob Cass, mentioned earlier:
By ‘Graphic Design’ I mean some sort of a post that gives advice, tips, resources lists or a tutorial on how to do something. What it’s about is totally up to you.

……You could write an easy tutorial or something that a designer may find useful (eg. 10 reasons why I subscribe to these design blogs). Be as creative as you’d like - take it in any direction you want - it can be on any topic on design in general (keep it clean and ‘family friendly’ please). It can be any length, it can be serious, funny, it can be a list post, a rant, an essay, a pictorial or video post… etc

Hi yaaaaa, you can also post your article in your own first language! :D

Read the rest of the Graphic Design Group Writing Project rules for the details before you start your entry submission.

Give your self a try and get “Connected” to JustCreativeDesign.com Group Writing Project!
Have fun by collecting much entry points as much as possible to win $5000 prizes give away!

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