Monday, February 11, 2008

Free 125x125 Advertising Button in PSD

I designed 6 diferent theme buttons. They are in .PSD format, so it should be easy for you to edit the fonts or the layer elements inside.

125x125 advertising buttons could be useful for Entrecard or any other advertisement program that you run to your blog

You can download these pack for free and exploit them as your wish (commercial or personal), UNDER THESE CONDITIONS:
1. Comment to this post with your nick name (no annonymous please), and
2. Subscribe to Graphic Identity by email

Free 125x125 Advertising Button in PSD

free 125x125 buttons.rar (247.84 KB)
Free 125x125 Advertising Button in PSD


  1. Thanks A Lot... I was looking for some free buttons that I could use on my site. I am downloading these and will tweak them to manage the color scheme of Inspirit | Blog

    Subscribed to your feed via email already.

  2. One of them is actually designed in Inspirit Blog color scheme :p
    Glad coz you grabbed them like the speed of light "ka-chaaaaw" =))

  3. Subscribed. Thanks.


  4. Thank's Zoran! Welcome to Graphic Identity Blog ;)

  5. dude, these are perfect.. nice help to people like us.

  6. Great buttons. I downloading them and trying to use them at


  7. Thanks need something for entercard

  8. The E-sense of Blog, ZtrixQ and Sue,
    It's been my pleasure to be able to help you guys..maybe next time I will try to design another multipurpose 125 x 125 buttons / banners wich are more flexible to costumize..and will be categorized in different themes and style..
    Thanks for leaving such nice comments :D

  9. Hi Audee, you've got great buttons. I'm going to use it and I'll subscribe to your blog. Thanks a lot!

  10. Robert and Dan,
    You are always welcome guys :D

  11. Great set and a great blog. Thanks.

  12. Micah,
    Really appreciate the compliments! :D

  13. Hi, thanks for the design.
    Have a nice day.

  14. These look great! Thanks for offering them!

  15. Thanks a million - perfect!

  16. hi Audee,

    Can I have your button on my blog? they are great!


  17. Emberlexi, Tyson, Jim, and chandan,
    Happy that you like the buttons and I hope you will find them useful. Thanks a bunch for the comments ;)

    Mommy Lyna,
    :) I appreciate that you've been one of my blog's great subscribers.
    Yes you can have the buttons for your blog. They are free remember? :D Thank you for the nice words about the button set!


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