Thursday, February 14, 2008

NEW BLOG COMMUNITIES to Promote Your Design Blog Topic

There are so many ways to promote your design blog niche. If you're still doing promotion to some specific design forums, there's nothing wrong to try general blog community for more campaign activity to your blog. A general blog community should always include design category or art category inside. Accordingly, there would be easier for the viewers to find your blog inside the community.

Here are 8 new blog communities for you to start with:

1. Blog Competition

NEW BLOG COMMUNITIES to Promote Your Design Blog Topic

BlogCompetition is a digg like competition, win upto $2500, with monthly prizes, and a weekly featured article.

Members can vote to various posts which are submitted under certain category.
Blog Competition is powered by: Pligg

2. Focial

NEW BLOG COMMUNITIES to Promote Your Design Blog Topic

Paid listings are done as you would any other auction except that it is used for advertising, sponsored reviews and paid guest posting.

Simply find an opportunity you like and make a bid.

3. Peopleized

NEW BLOG COMMUNITIES to Promote Your Design Blog Topic

Promote yourself by doing and giving interviews. Gain interview content and spread your message. You will have a chance to meet another great bloggers and sending direct invitation to do interview at Peopleized

4. Dot Dash Create

NEW BLOG COMMUNITIES to Promote Your Design Blog Topic

Personally, I love this community because one of the features could be useful to accommodate what designers need to promote their skill. Dot Dash Create have a cool feature that allows you to list recent project that you've currently working on, which is very good service to promote your design portfolio online in a community.

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  1. Nice list, I will make use ofsome of them forsure.

    Also my site, Feed Flare has a new forum that has been added to the site. It is still being worked on and groups being set up but it too will be agreat place to expose your site as well as gain some free links back.

  2. Yes, I've visited Feed Flare before, I asked to a "Fire Walker" about your new forum, since I still confuse about it. It'll be nice to have our feed listed there also ;)

    Thanks for stopping by Collin!

  3. Wow, this is a fantastic list. Although short, these are resources I've never come across before. Thanks for the great links!


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