Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blogger Blogspot Hacks Must Know

Some say that Blogspot Blogs are suck…well…they can say whatever they want :D
I would say that Blogspot is the most user friendly platform blog for a newbie to a blogger master. Even if you are good enough in PHP programming or Wordpress, hacking the Blogspot is still quite challenging! and for me, that is the art of blogging process to grow.

It is always our authority to choose and to use whatever platform we think the best. But please bear in mind, every blog platform has its own advantages as well as the disadvantages. I have my own opinion about this. Therefore, if I need to set a blog in Wordpress, I won’t consider Blogger Blogspot as a failed platform. My most concern is to know how it works, experiment and to optimize the features in it. By doing it, we will know which platform that works best for our blog topic concept.

Enough with the bragging out :p because today I will share Blogger Blogspot Hacks parade to make up your blog a bit better! Don’t forget to subscribe if you like this article, so you won’t miss the next update!

Custom search engine on your Blogger template

Blog U
Unique Background Images for Widgets
Hide/Show, Expand/Collapse - navigation element
Add a Widget Beside Your Header
Adding a Favicon

Trick and Tips Tutorial Blogger
Display Yahoo Messenger Status on Blog

Beautiful Beta
Peek-A-Boo Posts
Pullquotes for your Blog
Improved Super Peek-A-Boo Post
Non-Beta Super Peek-A-Boo Posts (improved)
BlogToC Widget Released
Post Update Trick
Playing with the Feed Links
Recent Comments widget

Special effects for Peekaboo posts!

Hoctro's Place
TabView widget
Adding a front page to your blog
Blogger Hack: Creating Thumbnail Pictures

Blogger Tips and Tricks
Display strike (crossed-out or cancelled) text

PurpleMoggy's Blog
Blogger Calendar Archive
Display Random Post
Integrating Your Feedburner Feed
Switch Menu

Blogger Template Tricks
Expandable Post Summaries
Personalize the link for the comments on your blog
Next Post Hack

Beta and Label Clouds

A Consuming Experience
Blogger: deleting the navbar or Blogger button
Blogger: show only excerpts from long posts
Comments, Trackback: Blogger vs Haloscan

Vivek Sanghi – tech blog
Add background colors to comments
Adsense inside your posts and only on post (item) pages
Translate your posts into 14 languages (Updates added)
Allow your labels to be searched in Technorati tags
Display widgets only on pages you prefer

Blogspoting Links of Blogger Hack
Blogger Hacked
Blogger in a Snap
Dummies Guide to Google Blogger
Digital Inspiration
Singpolyma Tech
Some assembly required
Stuff to Think About


  1. I'm still learning all about how blogs work in different sites :-)

  2. Great big list! I must say you've really done a good job compiling these hacks.

    Just want to say, you missed one good blogger blogspot hack yourself. Google for the keyword 'make blogger navbar invinsible'.

    I've been using that hack ever since. =D

    Good job still!


    Better Blogging for Bloggers
    dot blogspot dot com

  3. Nunyaa,
    We are all still learning about new things ;) Hope those hacks help you out!

    Aw, thank you for letting me know about how to make blogger navbar invisible hack! I think I'd better learn from your blog directly :D
    Hey...why you are not linking with the correct url? You are free to link from my blog anytime you like...
    Have a great day!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for packing them all together!

  5. Nice list :) do check into chethstudios if you get some time.. i have some blogger tweaks too.


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