Friday, May 16, 2008

Graphic Identity Blog Updates

I have been checking out Graphic Identity blog stats performance over the past few months. The result shows me of how some graphic design articles, tutorials, and free design box posts has always been getting repeated visits on specific keywords, and it make me think to have things organized better.

I just add up few more features on the sidebars. You can see that now you can access the most popular post in this blog as I have list of “Most Commented Post” links. Beside featured post list that has image thumbnails for each link, I think by adding another kind of list would lead you more to numbers of resources that might be useful for you to read.
Another improvement for this blog is “Sideblog & Events” feature list that will show you the new updates of Graphic Identity and recent blogosphere news or events. You can find this link list at the bottom of very right sidebar.

Another thing that I want to mention for clarification is that now I don’t do link exchange. But if you want to link the Graphic Identity blog URL permanently to your blog, you will have a free website or blog design review from me. Just contact me via email if you are interested.

In June, Graphic Identity blog and friends who are also the members of Blog Catalog Graphic Design Group will start a regular graphic design blogging activity. I will tell you about the idea of this new event in another post soon, so you will get the details and drop us feedback or comment before we launch it. Just for a clue, this blogging activity will choose one of the blog’s participants every month as hosted blog for new round up blogging activity. As I thought this will be fun for you who have a new blog and you want to increase your blog authority and backlinks from related websites. What kind of activity that I mean exactly? :D Get the answer by subscribing to my feed now? So you won’t miss it ;)

OK, now it’s time for the main update of Graphic Identity blog. Here is a collection of articles round up and some recent posts that I wrote for other blogs in social blogging activity. I have also included the graphic designs I made after I’ve joined a contest and sponsoring few contest months ago.

Guest Post Blog

  • 8 Effective Tips to Increase your Email Subscribers
    edited by Abhinav Sood

  • Work on Increasing your Feedburner Email Subscribers!
    edited by Abhinav Sood

  • Graffiti - Graphic Design Developed From Older Cultures
    edited by Dale

  • Blogging Activity Events

  • Interviewing Jacob Cass!
    submitted for Estetica Graphic Design Cross Interview event at Estetica Graphic Design Forum

  • Bloghology
    Graphic Identity was interviewed by Mert Erkal for Bloghology E-book free download. Containing list of bloggers from across the world.

  • The Design Forums and Design Niche Social Media Sites you always wanted for
    Submitted for Graphic Design Group Writing Project Articles at Just Creative Design

  • Things to Consider Before You Join a Flickr Pool
    Submitted for Social Media Mega Project Articles at Epic Edits

  • Redditers – What They Tend to Do?
    Submitted for Social Media Mega Project Articles at Inspiration Bit

  • Blog Action Day : Environmental Awareness
    Submitted for Blog Action Day 2007 "Environment" theme

  • Graphic designs

    Graphic Identity portfolio
  • Graphic Design Package for Christine Senter, the winner of Feed Flare Contest
    Event: Contest Sponsor of Feed Flare 1st Contest at Feed

  • Graphic Identity portfolio
  • Graphic Header Design for Dexter, the winner of Just Creative Design Contest
    Event: Contest Sponsor of Graphic Design Group Writing Project at JustCreativeDesign

  • What is Graphic Design Poster Competition on Veerle's Blog
  • Poster Design contest submission
    Event: What is graphic design poster contest at Verlee’s Blog

    1. You're one busy gal, aren't you, Audee? Keep up the great work!

    2. :p Hello Vivien, thanks for dropping by. Yeah I've been busy quite a while with works, until this blog get little bit left behind :D
      I really appriciate your comment :) again, thank you...

      ~ A u d e e

    3. Beautifully layout and lots of interesting tidbits. I'm jealous :)

    4. Hi Doug,
      Don't be jelous :) I've visited your website and your portfolio is just amazing!
      Thank you for the nice comment..I really hope to see more ;)

    5. Blogging with great graphical designs is a good idea to empress or entice more visitors attention. Nice! I love it! Graphic Designer


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