Friday, January 18, 2008

Featured Blogspot Graphic Design: THE PUNGEONING

THE PUNGEONING is about Art, Graphic Design, Cultural Criticism, and Psy-Ops.

Designers are seeking inspiration in different kind of ways. Does it always have to be visual experiencing? When you see something unique or when you find an unusual creation then you react to see what you can do about it? What if the inspiration comes from what I call: “Cultural Criticism”.

Lordsomber is the author of THE PUNGEONING . It is a blog, a story telling of your surroundings, a beautifully poetic depiction of cultural criticism into graphic and a journey of moving souls.

Well this designer artist has all the answers in an interesting interview.

Lordsomber, could you first introduce yourself?

Salutations. I am Lordsomber, silent fly on the wall, amnesiac from the future, the sizzle in the brain pan.

Featured Blogspot Graphic Design: THE PUNGEONING

Cultural criticism is your interest for most of the time. Why?

It is a way to observe today’s thought patterns and behaviours in the context of underlying psychohistorical memes, attitudes and actions. The blinders people wear are more often put on by themselves. Pungeoning is about holding up the Mirror of Reality to Man’s Folly.

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