Thursday, January 24, 2008

Graphic Identity Blog Recap

Just want to let you know that Graphic Identity Blog was first published in June 16th 2008 and now we have 65 posts published until the end January 2008. A pretty young blog :) and we convey grateful regards to all of the devoted subscribers for keep visiting Graphic Identity Blog.

So, If you are a new visitor to my blog or you just subscribed to our RSS feed recently, you may missed out reading the previous posts. This blog recap is somehow will help you to track back Graphic Identity Blog from the first time it was born till now. ;) enjoy:

First post , June 16th 2007

  • Graphic Identity

  • Graphic Design Tutorials

  • Creating a Perfect Selection in Photoshop

  • Creating Vector Shape Object in Photoshop

  • Snow Text Effect

  • Creating Object Reflection on a Surface

  • Make a Dotted Line in Photoshop by BittBox

  • How to create Swirly Curls in Illustrator

  • Quick ways to Create Buttons using Photoshop and Illustrator

  • How to Create Water Droplets in Photoshop

  • Photoshop Brushes

  • How to Install Photoshop Brush Set

  • Round Corner Square Photoshop Brushes

  • Fantasy Floral Photoshop Brushes - Part 1

  • Fantasy Floral Photoshop Brushes - Part 2

  • Corner Design Photoshop Brushes - Part 1

  • Corner Design Photoshop Brushes - Part 2

  • Fantasy Floral Photoshop Brushes - Part 3

  • Photoshop Action

  • Photoshop Actions

  • Spinning Wind Effect in Photoshop Action

  • Glowing in the Dark Text Effect

  • Snow Text Effect in Photoshop Action

  • Grunge Text Effect in Photoshop Action – Part 1

  • Grunge Text Effect in Photoshop Action – Part 2

  • Grunge Text Effect in Photoshop Action – Part 3

  • Graphic Design

  • 8 Clever Logos » Inspiration Bit

  • My Design is Beautifully Ripped Off

  • Creating MattsNutts Logo and Web Header

  • Design Review, Design Showcase and Art

  • Valey and 3D Digital Art Work as His Journey

  • Inspiration Package: 60+ Usable & Elegant Designs

  • BittBox Reader Designs : Design Showcase Highlight

  • Collin James De Ruyck’s Abstract Paintings

  • Blogspot Design Showcase – Part 1

  • DotArt Paintings

  • Featured Blogspot Graphic Design: THE PUNGEONING

  • Blogspot Design Showcase – Part 2

  • Fonts and Typography

  • Brian Kent's Fonts Design Collection

  • 16 Font ter-Favorit dalam Desain Web (Indonesian translation)

  • 6 Free Graffiti, Grunge, and Destroyed Fonts

  • 3 Free Destroyed Typewriter Fonts

  • Web Design, Web Tools, and Design Gadget

  • Web CEO 6.5

  • Colors for your Blog

  • Web2PDF Online

  • Are you making these common blog layout mistakes?

  • My Favatar

  • Click Comment: Cool Widget for Blogger

  • Blogging

  • BlogsRecord : a review

  • Your A-Z Blogs: Viral Linking to Increase Technorati Rank

  • – Graphic Identity card submission

  • FeedBurner Email Subscribers Exchange Challenge

  • 10 Enhancement Ideas to Optimize your Design Blog

  • Download (Free Design Software, Button)

  • Paint.Net

  • Color Pic 4

  • Font Mate

  • CSS Tab Designer 2.0

  • Cool RSS Buttons for Free

  • Photography

  • Photo Stock Download

  • Visual Communication in Photography

  • Digital Photography Tutorial Compilation

  • Blog Action Day : Environmental Awareness

  • Blog Contest

  • BenSpark’s August Add it up Contest

  • Pimp My Blog Contest - Win a Free Blog Header/Logo

  • $4,000 David Airey Blog Anniversary Prize Draw

  • Photo Contest 2007 - “Photos On a Theme”

  • My Lucky Number 13 First Contest - Win $100

  • Graphic Illustration Design Contest: Win your Entrecard designed for free

  • Miscellaneous

  • My Technorati Profile


    1. An awesome compilation GI!
      Its a lot more fun and easy to read through this well categorized list, than to look through a random archive! Love it...
      Keep the good work up.

      Abhinav | Inspirit

    2. Thanks for the visit Abhinav ;)

    3. This is a good thing to make a recap of your posts. I'm not really a designer, I mean this is not my principal activity, but I have designed some sites, so it's a really pleasure to read your articles.

    4. Happy that I could help you with this ;) a recap of 6 months old blog had makin me busy to collect, and copy paste the 65 links :p next time I would do the same but only to the most favorited among all posts...


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