Thursday, January 31, 2008

Graphic Identity Blog Redesign

I'm curently focused to redesign my blog layout. The previous version didn't look good thou, I found it difficult to maintain the very right sidebar to stay fixed.
So, with the help from friends, I decided to create completely new Blogger Classic themes. I didn't develop the template CSS code from the default Blogger Classic template this time.

I prefer three columns and minimize the use of image replacement and of course...sorts of tiresome experiments with the CSS codes.

I think this would be better than the last I had, at least the two columns stay on their place nicely. But I'm kindda thinking to remove some unnecessary web elements if the loading get worst than before :( (and I have to) You can take a look to the beta version and could you please tell me what you think about this new design layout :)

I will be back with new tutorials about Grunge Style design soon... so stay tune and be ready!


  1. Indeed the new design looks good. Hope to see the changes in effect, soon.

  2. I wish you luck with the new design. I can't wait to see it.

  3. you should check out - they are currently documenting their blog redesign process.

  4. Abhinav,
    Thank you for stopping by...I'm still working on it. At least the three columns stick to where they should be in any browser and any resolution width..I will do the finishing job as the follow up :)
    I will let you know when they're finished for sure ;)
    JC Design,
    aha, that is a good resource I believe.. :D thank you for that!

  5. The new design is nice, I especially like the footer :). It took some more time to load, though..

  6. Assalamu'alaikum Laila,
    thanks for the comment...I'm still working on this layout. :) why everyone love the footer part? hi hi hi
    Please visit again next time, will ya? take care sister.


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