Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to Make Two Perfect Points Alignment in Illustrator

When you combine two vector shapes in Illustrator, sometimes the points of the shapes are not perfectly aligned. This will make your combined shapes look a bit bent or uneven at the perimeter.
This useful tutorial will finally reveal the secret to create clean curve using 'Path Average' feature in Illustrator.

Today's Illustrator quick tip was written by Jay Hilgert, a graphic and web designer, font designer, software developer (Brush Pilot™), and the founder of BittBox.

Visit the Tutorial

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  1. Good Tutorial, very useful and must wanting this, nice steps defined with good tips. Looking for more Illustrator Tutorials. Thanks

  2. Why don't you just use the pathfinder?

  3. Joe,
    Good to know that the Illustrator tutorial helps you! Will try to post more soon ;)

    In my opinion even if we use pathfinder, sometimes two shapes can not be just perfectly combined. We can tell after we do super zoom-in to the two shapes before or after we combined them. Sometimes they can be looked overlapping, or jagged to each other.
    But if you have a trick to do the similar thing (perfect points alignment) using pathfinder, please feel free to share.
    Btw, thank you for stopping by!


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