Monday, September 15, 2008

»» Smooth Metal - Part 1

To create a Smooth metal effect in Phototoshop, follow this tutorial....

1.) First, create a new image about 600x600 pixels (or whatever size is appropriate for the image you plan to create). If you haven't already got a shape that you want to apply this effect to, now's the time to make something. The shape in the example is simply made up of 2 circles blended together. Once you have your shape, fill it with this shade of gray: #E6E6E6. Keep your shape on its own layer and make sure you have nothing selected (press CTRL+D).

2.) Most of the steps from this point on will be using Layer Styles, which are available in Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and later versions. Once you've created this layer style, you can save it and use it instantly whenever you want, without the hassle of re-entering all the settings every time you need this effect.

With your shape's layer selected, go to Layer » Layer Styles » Inner Glow, and match up your settings with these: Inner Glow

This gives our shape its first hint of a bevel.

Next you'll be adding a bright highlight (the light source). Click on the Inner Shadow category to the left, and match these settings: Inner Shadow

3.) Next click on Gradient Overlay and dial in the following settings: Gradient Overlay

To add a final touch to the smooth metal, click on Satin and match these settings: Satin Settings

Your smooth metal style is complete at this point, though you may wish to add in an optional drop shadow.

But wait... do NOT click OK yet. Remember, we want to add this layer style to your arsenal so you can call upon it when ever you need it.

Click at the top where it says Styles

Now click the "New Style" button and give your style a name such as "Smooth Metal", then click OK. You should then save your styles by clicking the arrow icon to the left and choosing "Save Styles" from the list.

To be continued in Part 2.....

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